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Pact of the Ancients - 3D Bara Survivors (nsfw) » The game will be retired – We need a fresh start and your help is fundamental!

Hello guys.

On December 2nd Pact of the Ancients will complete 2 months of launching. Since 2019 until now I launched a lot of games and none of them had such terrible first months as Pact. It’s by far Male Doll’s worst project when we talked about revenue and one of the most expensive ones when we consider the investment. I could tell you the reasons but in the end, it’s my fault to allow this project to be launched, especially when it wasn’t entirely designed by me.

I know you all are disappointed with the final result and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to fix this. So here are the steps I plan to work on in the next months:

1) The game will be hidden/removed from the store: It has terrible reviews, Steam’s algorithm has punished us for that (and for its revenue) and the more people buy it, the more people tend to be disappointed with the game and with Male Doll. Also, to deliver new and fun gameplay in the way we imagined we need time to work on the project. If it is still available in the store, we need to stop our work to explain the same thing to everyone.

2) Gameplay will be remade: soulslike game has a core mechanic and Pact of the Ancients should have it fully. We’ll clone the basic aspects of Vampire Survivors and put our own NSFW flavor on it. But for soulslike fans, they will have the essence of the game that is the main reference of the genre.

3) Features will be tested by our Discord players after they are implemented: if you bought the game on Steam and want to help us make a good remake of it, please join Discord to be notified about the project improvements. We hope to launch a build per month to remove all possible bugs and to test all features properly.

4) The new game (Pact of the Ancients 2.0) will probably start as an Early Access: We received a lot of feedback from but Steam has a lot more ‘soulslike players’; we need them to improve the game quality! So, even though Male Doll has a niche audience and we need to charge more for our games to be able to pay the investment, Pact will follow the conventions of Steam soulslike games. In other words, the new game will probably cost no more than 5~6 dollars. We hope when we finish it, we can recover our investment through console sales.

5) The 200 people who bought it will receive special rewards and/or will receive a key for the new game: I’m not sure yet how we will do that (maybe a form) but we won’t allow people who bought the first game to buy it again without being rewarded for supporting us in the first moment.

I hope we can deliver everything you expect from us.

Thank you so much for your patience and support.

Victoria Invicta
CEO of Male Doll