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Schism » The first Early Access update! Update 0.1.16

It’s been a fun week seeing lots of new players try the game, and with that a lot of great feedback came through to help improve it! To everyone that’s been posting suggestions and bugs, thank you!

-new trap: Mine Shaker
-new rare enemy: The Cretin
-weapon “Gold Steel” now has a chance to turn killed enemies into gold (thanks dave)
-rooms sometimes have a lot of explosives in them

-put a small CD on weapon mod Bee Shot
-reduced odds of Donation Machine giving a chest (thanks Loisence Inspector)
-prime god reduces your faith to 0 upon picking him
-prime god increases faith xp needed per level
-prime god only drops Base Reality at faith level 9+
-fly queen boss’s eggs are enemies now
-weapon boom stick has reduced attack speed, but has tap fire now
-reduced enemy attack speed (thanks Robopotamus)
-relic Occult Wand does not increase damage with INT
-reduced INT scaling with relic Zealot’s Mask
-reduced INT crit cap on relic The Collector’s Knife
-reworked NPC Printer’s chances and gave it a limited stock mechanic
-reduced relic Power Psy scaling and INT scaling
-rescaled relic Chaos Sigil power and INT scaling
-rescaled relic Invoker Sigil power and INT scaling
-removed HP cap on ARMOR and SHIELDS
-donation machines can explode when given enough money
-donation machines require saved money to be able to take money from it

-optimized pain aura, preschool dropout, child alpha
-game will now auto-save at the start of new floors, but this save only lasts that room
-new option to change direction of mousewheel scroll for weapon select (thanks Devi1Hawk)
-card “helping hand” now destroys all walls to prevent choices clipping into them (thanks Spindart)
-slightly optimized occult wand’s effect (thanks Lambo)
-relic “Round Table” now has a cap on how much INT affects it (thanks Aleksh)
-immune popup from invincible enemies has a timer (thanks Aleksh)

-fixed bees with Pain Aura spawning more bees
-fixed lag caused by Pain Aura and Splitter Gem
-fixed relic Occult Sigil not applying INT (thanks dave)
-fixed disease plan INT option not working (thanks Aleksh)
-fixed crash with chain lightning weapon mod (thanks dave)
-fixed crash with gun innates in player (thanks kanikani)
-fixed freeze with hemomancer sigil and bad blood debuff (thanks pnok)
-fixed weapon missile command exploding at point blank at low range (thanks dave)
-fixed issue with active relic cooldowns (thanks dave)
-fixed crash with shooter enemy drones (thanks AdmiralLen)
-fixed bugs with achievements (thanks kanikani)
-fixed tab key (last weapon button) saving same weapon slot
-fixed achievements not registering (thanks dave)
-fixed rebinding control options not using other mouse buttons (thanks Samoan64)
-fixed active cooldowns not working (thanks pnok)
-fixed active cooldowns being reset on dropping and picking up (thanks pnok)
-fixed base reality causing sliding movement (thanks dave)