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Spell Defender » The Fields Update!

Hello all!

The Fields is the a new Arena and the focus of this update!
The Fields has a different gamemode. Similar to other Survivors-like. constantly oncoming enemies, enemies drop Coins that need to be picked up and so on. Hope you enjoy!

Patch notes!!!!!

Arena and Gamemode
  • Added new arena and new gamemode
  • Buffed all bosses to be a bit stronger
  • Added new boss to new Arena
  • Rebalanced enemy health. A bit less health torwards the later rounds now.
  • Frost Orbit – Buffed Damage
  • Wind Vacuum – nerfed Cooldown
  • Heat Beams – Buffed Damage and Optimized
  • Skills that have been mastered (level 10) now have a permanent visual indication.
New difficulty level!
  • A fourth difficulty has been discovered! Enemies are harder than ever and there is no end in sight.
  • Fixed spell meta upgrades acting weird and resetting on restarts.
  • Some spells have better logic with illusions.
  • Knockback and knockup now works properly. Sometimes didn’t apply correctly
  • And many other various minor QOL stuff.

There is a big chance I have missed some changes since I do a lot of stuff and sometimes forget but lets just call those “hidden changes” 😀