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No Reloading: Survival Trials » The Difficulty Shake-Up Update

We’re shaking things up! Brace yourself for more balance, more control, more variety, and yes, new difficulty levels! Here’s a speedy rundown of what’s fresh:

New Features
  • Choose Your Battle: Normal, Hard, and Brutal difficulties added – get ready to choose your own adventure!
  • Brutal Mode Mix-up: Campaign order shuffled in Brutal mode for the ultimate variety spice!
  • Cooler Guns, Cooler Rules: Miniguns are rarer, but tougher, and with a ramping fire rate for that added drama!
  • Enemy Spawns: Now a bit less hectic in Highway, with brighter street lamps for better avoidance.
    Reinforcements Pull Back: Enemies less likely to spawn while you grab those upgrade orbs.
  • Augment Chances: Auto-scavenger augment boosted – finding this gem is now easier!
  • Roger Chats More: Now our favorite bot gets chatty when his weapon breaks.
  • Upgrade Choices UI: Sleek new look for easier navigation!
Bugs Squashed
  • No Self-Inflicted Damage: Your sword can’t hit your shield anymore, phew!
  • Fixed Projectile Overload: The minigun only shoots one projectile per shot now, as it should!

We’re continually working on improving your survival trials! Keep those guns blazing, champions!

(This news was published about a week late! What can we say? Work’n hard!)