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Monsters 'Til Midnight » The Cursed Tomb Zone and a New Playable Character are Here!

Hi everyone!

It took a little while to get there, but the second cursed zone and new unlockable character are now live!

I feel like I say this every time I write one of these, but this REALLY is our biggest update so far yet in terms of new content, QoL features, and general larger scale tweaks and fixes.

Here is the full list of changes;

Change Log

1.2.8655 September 12th, 2023
This update adds another cursed zone and character, along with some new features
and more fixes and improvements. In this update we have switched Auto-aim to on
by default for new players, and enabled the new damage numbers. Both can be turned
off in the settings menu, and existing players can choose to enable those options
there too.

Itemized Changes:-

  • Added Cursed Tomb Zone
  • Added Emily Flintlock character
  • Two new achievements
  • Added new enemy type for cursed tomb
  • Added visible damage numbers (and option to enable/disable them in Settings)
  • Added visible health bars for bosses, mini-bosses and spawners
  • Added left mouse override for auto aiming
  • Changed some early achievement targets
  • Rebalanced Coop settings for all zones so there are enough enemies to have fun
  • Fixed a couple of remaining issues with enemies spawning too close to players
  • Balancing tweaks existing zones to compensate for recent spawning and other changes
  • Reviewed and improved how buffs and upgrades affect certain weapons and abilities
  • Fixed some weapon balancing issues
  • Fixed some pathfinding and behavior issues with some enemies
  • Fixed some knockback issues with certain enemies
  • Change death sound/animations for some larger enemies
  • Various other performance and bug fixes and tweaks

The Cursed Tomb Zone

As mentioned above, this new, more challenging re-imagining of the Tomb zone is the second of three “Cursed” versions we plan to add. Each new zone will feature a new playable character and corresponding steam achievements to unlock. The Cursed Forest will be coming soon as part of the next update.

Visible Damage Numbers & HP Bars

These were both common requests that we wanted to address alongside the new content. Zone bosses, mini-bosses and spawners all now have HP bars so you can track how much you’re chipping away at them, and all of your damage output is now visible via a scale from low (white), to high (red). These visible damage numbers can be enable/disable at any time via the settings screen.

As always, a huge thank you to everyone that’s been playing and enjoying the game so far. If you have any thoughts on the above changes, or just feedback in general, the Steam Community forums are the absolute best place to reach out to us. We read and respond to every one of them, and really appreciate all of it, big and small.

Cheers, have a great week, and we’ll see you next time!

The Retro Dreamer team