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Monsters 'Til Midnight » The Cursed Mansion Zone and New Playable Character!

Hi everyone!

We’re so happy to say that the first new zone and unlockable character are finally here!

Dr. Brinejaar is just your average scientist’s brain in a jar mounted on mechanical spider legs

This is by far our biggest update yet in terms of new content, and also fixes a couple of existing larger scale issues.

Here is the full list of changes;

Change Log

1.1.8616 August 4th, 2023
This update combines the first new Zone and a lot of quality of life improvements. We
added the first of a series of “Cursed” zones, The Cursed Mansion, a significantly more
challenging re-imagining of the original zone. There’s also a new character to unlock
by beating the new zone.

Itemized Changes:-

  • Added Cursed Mansion Zone
  • Added Dr. Brinejaar character
  • Two new achievements
  • Added new enemy type for cursed mansion
  • Changed a lot of spawn calculations to stop enemies spawning too close to the player
  • Rebalanced existing zones to account for some changes from various fixes
  • Fixed issues with enemy movement and behavior
  • Fixed a forest issue where an enemy could spawn in an inaccessible area
  • Fixed some shield related issues
  • Fixed an issue where the music would not play
  • Various other performance and bug fixes and tweaks

The Cursed Mansion Zone

As mentioned above, this new, more challenging re-imagining of the mansion zone is the first of the “Cursed” versions we plan to add in future updates. Each new zone will feature a new playable character and steam achievements to unlock.

As always, a huge thank you to everyone that’s been playing and enjoying the game so far, and for offering all of your great feedback in the community forums. Please keep that coming, we really do appreciate it.

Cheers, and have a great weekend!

The Retro Dreamer team