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Monsters 'Til Midnight » The Cursed Forest Zone and a New Playable Character are Here!

Hi everyone!

The third cursed zone and new unlockable character are now live!

With this update, each of the three main zones now has a more challenging variant to take on, and the addition of the unique, shape-shifting Sir Henry McBlobsford brings up the playable character count to 12!

Here is the full list of changes;

Change Log

1.3.8704 November 1st, 2023
We’ve added another cursed zone, the cursed forest, and a character to unlock by
beating that zone. We also added a simple introductory tutorial for first time
players to introduce important concepts like the auto-aim toggle and the active

Itemized Changes:-

  • Added Cursed Forest
  • Added Sir Henry Blobsford
  • Two new achievements
  • New enemy types for the new zone
  • Added tutorial for new players
  • Added an option to show tutorial every time
  • Remaining Revives are now shown in the player HUD
  • Dashing when not moving still goes towards the mouse pointer if auto aim is on
  • Fixed some issues with the co-op respawn location
  • Various other fixes, tweaks, and optimizations
The Cursed Tomb Zone

As mentioned above, this new, more challenging re-imagining of the Forest zone is the third “Cursed” variant zone. Each new zone features a new playable character and corresponding steam achievements to unlock.

Tutorial & Revives Remaining Icon

We also added a brief tutorial to aid new players. This offers a useful overview of key aspects like how to use active abilities such as the dodge roll, and how to toggle auto-aim on/off. We also added heart icons up by the player HP bar/HUD to show how many revives are remaining.

As always, a massive thank you to everyone that’s been playing and enjoying the game. If you have any thoughts on the above changes, or just general feedback, big or small, the Steam Community forums are the best place to reach out to us. We read and respond to every one of them, and really appreciate all of your feedback.

Cheers, have a great week, and we’ll see you next time!

The Retro Dreamer team