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Sea of Survivors » The Crew System & EA Release Date

Ahoy Pirates!

We’ve made it! Sea of Survivors is ready for Early Access! On the 18th of October 2023, Sea of Survivors will be available. Get ready to assemble your crew and set sail on a pirate adventure like never before.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your unwavering support so far. If you haven’t already, you can Wishlist Sea of Survivors on Steam – it helps us tremendously! If you’d like to join the conversation, we also have an amazing crew of people on Discord –


You can start building your crew right now in the demo, and your pirates will transfer over on release!

Recruit and Manage Your Own Crew of Pirates:

  • Hire the best crew for the job and sail with enhanced abilities, but beware, sink your ship and members of your crew will be lost at sea
  • Each pirate you meet has a combination of useful skills as well as their own unique name and appearance
  • With each journey, your crew members gain experience and develop useful skills.
  • As you explore the map you’ll get the chance to recruit shipwrecked pirates to add them to your roster… And, with a bit of luck, you’ll find some of your lost crewmates.
What’s on the Horizon?

We’re getting a bunch more cool stuff ready for early access. Here’s a list:

New Treasures, Curses and Weapons:
  • Personalize your ship with new weapons and upgrades to create your playstyle, from rapid-fire harpoons to devastating lightning strikes.
  • Collect rare treasures to enhance your vessel’s firepower, resilience and versatility.
  • Unlock mysterious curses for a greater challenge and increased rewards.
Explore the Mysterious Archipelago:
  • Uncover the mysteries of the archipelago and the eerie horrors of the deep that lurk below the surface.
  • Test your strategy and navigational prowess in a new environment that completely changes the game.
  • Risk it all against powerful new bosses in our toughest challenge yet.
Unlockable Content, Bounties and Steam Achievements
  • Check the bounty board in your hideout and set goals to unlock new in-game content.
  • A bounty of unique challenges that unlock achievements in-game and for your Steam profile
  • Each new discovery is added to your collection log. Can you uncover every treasure and mystery in Sea of Survivors?