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Rogue Soulstone » The BIGGEST update so far!

The major update v0.5.014 is now out and it is by far our biggest update ever! With tons of new skills, dozens of new power-ups, the skill tree fully available in the demo and so many more changes, the game experience has been completely changed! Download the demo and give it a go and let us know what you think!

Here is the full list of changes:

Key changes:
– New System – Skill Tree: Enhance all your characters with powerful passive skills that will considerably increase your chances of success;
– Rerolls and Power Up Banish are now available through the Skill Tree;
– Game Objectives: Gameplay now easier to understand for new players, and tracking your progress so you know how far along you are from completing a map;
– Map Selection & New Scenario – The Hallowed Core;
– Improved attack telegraphing, so Boss battles are even more about player skill;
– You can now collect the Soulstones of powerful defeated foes (bosses), which can be used to unlock the most powerful skills in the skill tree;

New spells:
– Summon Skeleton: Summons 3 skeletons to fight for you, up to a maximum of 12 simultaneous skeletons;
– Thunder Clap: Powerful melee strike that hits the ground, stunning and applying dazed to all enemies hit, plus heavy area damage;
– Subdue: Fast melee strike that applies fragility and deals more damage based on the number of bleeds on the target;
– Thrust: Melee strike that hits in a long and narrow area in front of the player, applying bleeds and causing heavy damage;
– Bloodlust: Empower you and all your nearby allies, increasing movement speed by 30% and granting 30% of cooldown reduction;
– Might: Empower you and all your nearby allies, increasing all damage caused by 30%;
– Shield Wall: Empower you and all your nearby allies, reducing damage taken by 90% for a short duration;
– Piercing Shout: Weakens all nearby enemies, increasing the damage they receive by 50%;
– Intimidating Shout: Weakens all nearby enemies, reducing the damage they cause by 50%;
– Smite reworked: Deals heavy damage to enemies in the target area after 3 seconds, also healing allies for a small amount. No longer affected by negative effects;
– Chaos Bomb reworked: Now deals a random amount of damage between 1 and 600, and is no longer affected by negative effects;
– Added tons of new Power-ups that can enhance specific skills, or skill types such as Fire, Ice, Projectiles, etc;

Balance changes:
– Arcane Weaver cooldown reduction reduced from 20% to 10%;
– Arcane Weaver’s Ignis Staff cooldown reduction effect removed and replaced with 15% movement speed bonus;
– Reduced delay between Pillar spawns when a wave ends;
– Synergy effects will now chain without limitations;
– Minimum damage should now be 1, even if you have 100% damage reduction;
– Poison Bomb now applies additional poison charges every 1 second, instead of every 0.5 seconds;
– Poison Bomb extra charge damage reduced from 50 to 30;
– Poison Bomb cooldown increased from 6 to 15 seconds;
– Festering Strike damage increased from 50 to 100, now applies a powerful poison stack causing 200 damage over 25 seconds, but it no longer refreshes the duration of poison effects on the targets;
– Fire Pillar no longer refreshes Burn durations on the target;
– Glacier damage increased from 150 to 180;
– Meteor initial damage increased from 50 to 80;
– Fiery Missiles burn damage reduced from 40 to 20;
– Fire Bolt no longer pushes you back, initial damage increased from 60 to 80;
– Ground Slam damage increased from 50 to 100;
– Lightning Bolt damage increased from 120 to 200;
– Poison Bolt damage reduced from 400 to 250;
– Thunderstrike cooldown reduced from 16 to 12 seconds;
– Uppercut damage increased from 10 to 120;
– Fire Shield damage increased from 20 to 50 per projectile;
– Explosive Reflexes power up removed from the game, as it was not very useful and could lure players to make the wrong choices;
– The following power ups are now considered Rare, up from common: Brutal Strikes. Poison Blood, Disintegration, Hypothermia, Impeding Doom, Gangrene and Debilitating Plague;
– Immovable power up now increases mass by 50, up from 20;
– Nimble power up is now Rare, down from Epic;
– Resilient power up is now Uncommon, down from Rare;
– Wise power up is now Uncommon, up from Common;
Alexi, the Plaguebearer:
– Starting from Tier 3, Alexi has a new spell;
– All of Alexi’s attacks now are telegraphed, showing the area damage that will be caused;
– Considerably increased the number of creeps spawned during the fight;
– Fixed an issue where the Poison Bomb attack could damage multiple times per projectile, resulting in instant death;

Other changes:
– Reworked “Replace Skill” panel, now it is simpler to understand;
– Added skill tooltips to your Skill Bar and Replace Skill panel, making it easier to know precisely what a skill does. Tooltips also calculate the adjusted values for a skill based on your attributes and modifiers;
– Power Ups and skills can now be seen in the Ending Screen;
– Added Elite Enemies in the first stage of a match;
– Skills now have types, such as Fire, Ice, Projectile, and may be enhanced with power ups based on those types;
– Power-ups will only appear when they are relevant to the player. For example, a power up that increases Fire Skill damage, will only appear if you have Fire skills in your deck;
– Some power-ups can only be picked a certain number of times;
– Units will no longer continue spawning after the player dies (and remains in the end game screen);
– Boss health bars will now accumulate if more than one Boss is alive at any time;
– Tons of new visuals all across the game between interfaces, VFXs, models, etc;
– Tons of bug fixes in all areas of the game;