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Crafty Survivors » The Alchemist is here! – v0.5.0

Hello Crafters!

First we want to start by thanking everyone for their patience waiting for the new character. This latest update has been delayed from our initial schedule due to some unforeseen circumstances.

We have been adjusting the entire game to receive Localizations and a lot of things had to be changed and introduced to accommodate a future update with new languages. As the localizations take a really long time, it has delayed our initial schedule by more than 2 months. We were not planning to work with localizations so early in the game, but since our community has adamantly requested this, we decided to delay development of new content in favour of adding them. 3 localizations will be added in the next patch, after the new character has had some time with the community.

Another thing is that our artist also lost his father these past few weeks, so we have been going through a really hard time, and this also ended up aggravating our development time a little bit.

So once again, thank you for the wait. The new patch is now available, bringing more content and the latest character of the game.

Patch Notes – v0.5.0

New Character
Viala, the Alchemist

A new character is ready to join the Roster! The Alchemist is bringing a whole new playstyle to the battlefield.

Viala is a skill machine. The Alchemist is the first character capable of combining 2 skills into a new effect when using them in battle. Throwing 2 skills in the same spot will mix them, causing a variety of effects that can turn the tides of battle in your favour. 5 of their skills can be combined in this manner, so make sure to experiment with the different outcomes to find your favourite.

The Alchemist also has the Concoct Special Command available, which allows different combinations to bring new buffs, attacks and even healing to their skill arsenal. Concoct is a very flexible skill, but requires specific combinations to pull off correctly and is the first Special Command that can FAIL. Combinations can be reviewed on the Concoct tooltip when pausing the game at any time.

Viala also has a skill directly related to losing health and getting hurt. Receiving damage can boost the Alchemist’s damage and take their power to a whole new level, sometimes even in a permanent way. A high risk high reward maneuver that can make things interestingly dangerous.

New Levels for the Buildings

With the update, a new material has been added to the game, so the buildings in the Village can go even further and bring more power to the Survivors and a whole new System.

Elixir System

After unlocking the new character, Viala, players will have access to their Laboratory and a new System will become available. Using the Alchemist’s expertise, players will be able to use some materials to create special Elixirs that can be equipped and unlock New General Skills for all characters! These are special skills related to the materials collected and will be the same for all characters, allowing players to expand their builds and experiment with other combinations.

Building Level Compendium

Each building has a new button on their information panel that allows players to verify all the currently available levels for the buildings. This will allow everyone to check what are the upgrades it receives on each level.

New Stages
  • New stages added;
  • New field event to fight for more materials;
  • New challenge added;
  • New adventurer to face in battle.

  • New recipes;
  • New sculpture design;
  • New mail to receive and find;
  • New Graphic Settings – Added FPS lock settings;
  • Added an arrow to indicate where certain things are in the Stage, such as a boss, chests and even Hatchet.

Character Changes
Stoverick, the Chef

Chef’s Resilience nerf:

  • Block chance maximum reduced from Lv 1 – 20%, Lv 2 – 30%, Lv 3 – 40% to Lv 1 – 20%, Lv 2 – 25%, Lv 3 – 30%;
  • Block chance threshold increased from 10 Bistro Stacks to 20 Bistro Stacks.

Axel, the Lumberjack

Charging Mechanic buff:

  • Increased the % of damage done by charging his basic attack and skills. 1st charge deals 250% damage and 2nd charge deals 500%.

Skills Buff:

  • Increased the base damage of Chopping Whirlwind;
  • Slightly increased the damage of Stumping Smash;
  • Increased the damage of Natures Power.

Sewvia, the Seamstress

Basic attack Yarn Ball nerf:

  • Yarn Ball Lvl 6 – Yarn ball bounces now have a cap to their maximum damage regardless of how many bounces it can do up to 100% extra damage.

  • Greatly Increased the health of the Corrupted Warrior. He is not supposed to die this fast;
  • Adjusted the SFX of the Pink Maligbats in the mountains, so they become less annoying when shouting;
  • Aggressive Field Events take slightly longer to initially spawn on more difficult levels.

  • Changed the font of the entire game. This change was necessary to adapt the game for the incoming localizations as to properly fit the difference between multiple languages. This also required us to review all of the game’s content to adjust text boxes and tooltips to make sure the texts were displaying appropriately.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that increased the cooldown time of the Dodge during certain runs;
  • Fixed a bug with Hanvilton’s passive skills as they were recovering durability of legendary weapons;
  • Other bug fixes.

Next Steps

Due to the delays on the development because of the circumstances mentioned on the beginning of this update note, some of our plans were delayed. We had a special Halloween character that was planned for October 31st, which we were not able to add to the game. This special character will still be added to the game at a later update, but it won’t be on the next Halloween, as it would be too far from our initial plans. We still want to bring this character to the game regardless of any events.

As we also mentioned, localizations are in the works right now. We already have a good amount of content ready to be added to the game for 3 languages, but there is still some content missing for it, so we are going to be working on these for the next update of the game. We also want to give some time for the community to test Viala before we commit her content to any localizations, so it should take some time before we add this update.

After these Localizations are added we will develop the Boss of the Mountain area and some new challenges of the game before we begin the 9th character. We already know the order of all the characters and we are now designing the crazy shenanigans of the 9th one. We will reveal more later!

We are still adjusting the game’s assets to reduce the overall file sizes of the game and possibly improve performance in the future, specially on lower-end hardwares.

We hope everyone is excited to meet Viala and see the power of the Alchemist conquering the battlefield!

Also, don’t forget to leave us a review here on Steam when you can, please. The reviews help a lot with the game! So if you have some spare time, please leave as a review when you have a moment. Our goal is to reach 500 reviews now, which is still a long way! So we need all the help everyone can give us.