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Risk of Rain 2 » Thank You – From Gearbox

Hey Survivors,

As we mark the incredible milestone of ten years of Risk of Rain, all of us here at Gearbox want to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the community that has made this journey extraordinary.

Because of the community’s passion, dedication, and enthusiasm, a game made in a college dorm by two friends became an indie darling. Your support, engagement, and shared love for Risk of Rain have motivated our journey and made it truly special.

The development team here at Gearbox has worked endlessly to try to live up to the standards of the Risk of Rain community. We see all of your passion and love, and we are here to match it! We are fans of the franchise first and foremost, and work to continue to bring forward the same level of dedication and love that you all deserve.

While we look back on the last decade, let’s also look forward to exciting new adventures. The world of Risk of Rain is continually growing and expanding. New challenges await us, and we cannot wait for you to experience what we have in store!

Thank you once again for an incredible ten years of risking it all! Here’s to the adventures and achievements we’ll experience in the years to come!

~ Gearbox