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Tetragun » TETRAGUN v.1.0.1

Balance Changes
  • Preparations – Ability charge gain (100% -> 50%).
  • Future Prospects – Additionally grants +15% to all stats after the next wave.

Quality of Life
  • Shields now unregister themselves as soon as they are triggered, meaning you can replace it immediately and not have to wait until the end of the animation.
  • Asteroids are now partially transparent so they’re easier to differentiate from enemies.
  • Enemy knockback distance has been clamped to a small distance past the screen edges.
  • Run recap stat values are now shown as percentages rather than scaler values.

Bug Fixes
  • Bulletstorm no longer causes frame drops.
  • Powered-Up Powerups icon has been restored.
  • You can no longer manually quit a run after you’ve died.

Developer Note

Welcome to TETRAGUN! Please let me know if you have any suggestions for new upgrades, weapons, and/or abilities! I’ll be compiling a list of the most popular ones to be voted upon and added into the game in the next content update. Thank you all for playing!