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Replacing the old “gun comes up on screen after some waves” approach is this new system of weapon pods. During the rounds that weapons would normally be given to you, a weapon pod will come crashing down out of the sky. Cracking open the pod will grant you a ton of ammo and a weapon you can pick up (or not). Pods will stay on the ground forever, but the guns they spawn will not.


-“NEUTRINO BOMB” does a shit load of damage now
-“TRIGGER FINGERS” upgrade can spawn two waves earlier
-“RIPDRIVE 2.0” upgrade can spawn one wave earlier
-You can now refuse to pick upgrades in the same way as you can with weapons
-Items now wait a few frames before you pick them up, so you can get a glimpse of what the stuff was
-Removed the random chance for the cylinder boss to spawn large projectiles when landing
-Cylinder has a short attack telegraph for its bullet spin
-Increased attack-telegraph visibility for the airship enemy and made its guns l o n g
-Airship’s thruster attack now actually works. Sorry not sorry
-Better loading screen


-“Particle density” setting now saves properly (It had a spelling mistake that kept it from loading)
-Music no longer starts at full volume before fading out if the music volume setting was lowered
-Fully offline play now possible again
-Rockets should be easier to shoot down but we’ll see
-Enemy attack telegraphs will show up above all your crazy bullet effects. It should be much easier to tell when an enemy is about to fire now


“NEUTRINO BOMB” and “MACH FURY” will be improved soon because they’re a little bit shit at the moment