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Patch notes are imported from steam. There may be errors. This mostly exists so I can stay on top of them to update the features in our tags and scoring categories (which I do manually), but since many of you liked the idea of staying up to date with all the games in one place I'm working on making this data automated (right now I manually hit it every couple days) with better info and linking in with the game views.

There will be more data and proper atribution here (original author, steam link, original post date, etc) real soon, I promise. This is just like a technical test to see if they're coming in ok at all.



-Added an upgrade that removes the fire rate penalty for dual wielding any gun (it uses the card that the other dual wielding upgrade does. Its card art just fits this upgrade better tbh)
-Increased damage of fully charged microwave beam
-Slam cannon uses a little more ammo


-Text size for the gun screen is no longer unreasonably large
-Size of gun and upgrade screen have been shrunk
-Sliders can now go all the way to the ends
-Fixed some upgrade cards having all-caps descriptions
-Added a delay when selecting upgrades, should stop you from accidentally picking one
-“Weapons free” upgrade has new art. Old art used for new upgrade


-Fixed those achievements. You’ll have to get them legitimately now
-“Weapons free” upgrade can spawn one wave earlier just because I like you
-Game compiled using the better compiler, game should run like it used to now


-Some minor changes to the game map
-Salt flats inspired tile set added in some parts
-Map boundary line got some visual changes