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SANDRIPPER » Test build 6.0

The leaderboard has been WIPED.

Last week’s update brought the largest addition of menus to the game. Some of it needs touching up so that’s what this update starts to accomplish. Additionally, upgrades and everything surrounding them has been reworked with the goal of giving you more hard decisions, and fun chances to build wacky loadouts. The second major focus of this update was on weapon balance. It had some issues, and I suspect it still will. But more weapon combos should be more fun now, with many combos being even MORE fun through upgrade combinations. So make sure to try out weapons you previously neglected!


-Multiplier decay begins after 1.5 seconds pass from the time of the last kill (from 3 seconds).

The reason for lowering this is to reward slow play less. Before, a new player could get a really high score on their first attempt because they were playing relatively slowly; the multiplier wouldn’t decay fast enough for that to have much of an effect. It would then take quite a few attempts to break that high score while playing faster which is a bit backwards.


-4 upgrades will be displayed at once instead of 2.
-Total of 9 new upgrades.
-Some upgrades must be picked in order for certain other upgrades to have a chance at spawning. Upgrade paths can run as deep as 3 cards, with each upgrade in the sequence improving on the foundations of the first.
-Similarly, some upgrades cannot be picked if certain other upgrades have been picked. There are a couple upgrades that overwrite each other.
-2 core-focused upgrades that replace the current style of core dump with something different. (one more will be added some time this week, It just needs more time)
-Equipped upgrades now show as permanent icons in the bottom left of the screen. Hovering the mouse over them will display their description.
-Upgrade card visual design improved a bit.
-Upgrade screen can be navigated using a gamepad’s d-pad or by the arrow keys.


old:”+ 100% weapon damage when at 1 health”
new:”+ 50% weapon damage when at 1 health”

old: “Dumping the core will give + 30% damage for 2 seconds”.
new: Renamed to “ADRENALINE JUNKIE”, “Dumping the core will give a ridiculous speed boost”.

renamed to “RIPDRIVE 3.0”

KEEP IT GOIN’:[removed]


-Removed ammo consumption penalty for dual wielding the same weapon.
-Weapons will no longer operate if it doesn’t have enough ammo to do so.
-Slam Cannon shield damage increased.
-Slam Cannon fire rate increased slightly.
-SMG base ammo consumption increased.
-SMG base spread reduced.
-SMG range reduced slightly.
-SMG ammo regeneration starts after 5 seconds (from 4), but regenerates quicker.
-Plasma Autogun heat-damage multiplier increased to 2.3x (from 1.7x).
-Plasma Autogun ammo refills quicker.
-Dragon’s Rage now tightens and lengthens the spread the longer you fire. Opposite to how it used to be.
-Dragon’s Rage ammo regeneration starts after 5.5 seconds (from 4), but regenerates quicker.
-Dragon’s Rage consumes a bit more ammo.
-Microwave Beam regular shots consume more ammo.
-Mag-Cannon charged shot damage and travel range increased.
-Mag-Cannon charged shot ammo consumption increased.
-Mag-Cannon ammo regeneration starts after 5 seconds (from 4), but regenerates quicker.

-Weapons near the peak of their heat meter will produce white-hot bullets. Letting you know when your gun is close to overheating.
-Overheating weapons now play a steam hissing sound.
-More indicators of when a gun is low on ammo or empty.
-Fire and radiation status effects last twice as long.
-Fire damage slightly reduced to balance it out.


-When enemies are about to fire, their outline will flash.
-Particle density setting in the video settings. Setting it to “none” will remove all but the most necessary particles.
-Rockets the cylinder boss launches deal 1 damage (from 2).
-Ammo drops can be picked up through walls.
-The bar that fills up when you press “restart run”, “main menu”, and “quit game” will now begin to fill when you hover over the buttons. The bar also fills up quicker. The bar is also the correct size now.
-Weapon selection card is wider, fits text better. Also changed the font.


-Disappearing Mag-Cannon issue fixed.
-Fuel bar scales properly now.
-All menus can be exited with ESC (it now saves your settings too).
-Remembered to re-enable the dynamic UI scaling.
-Text on upgrade/weapon cards correctly scale alongside the card. No more giant text.
-Ammo drops no longer freak out.
-Ammo drops no longer get flung at mach 1 if you cant pick them up.
-Removed the ability to crash the game on command by pressing backspace.


-Added 8 new achievements to attain



– Weapon drop pods.
– Re-imagined Tank Hunter-esque enemy event.
– Full keyboard and gamepad menu navigation.