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SANDRIPPER » Test build 5.0

There isn’t much in this update that tackle the finer details of game balance. I’m keeping almost all the upgrades unchanged for this one because they will be completely and totally reworked later. With many of them being either flat out removed, or turned into something else. The new score system should shake up your metas a little though. But just know that I am fully aware that many upgrades are not very good lol.


– Main menu and new pause menu added.
– Test build leaderboard available in the main menu.
– Settings menu accessible in game and in the main menu.
– Tutorial available at all times.
– Updated control scheme graphics now show in the “Game” settings tab.


– Multiplier increases when you kill something.
– Rapid kills increase multiplier twice the normal amount.
– Window of time for rapid kills extended.
– Multiplier degradation starts 5 seconds after the start of a wave.
– During boss fights, the multiplier will only decrease if you get hit.
– When hit, the multiplier does not fully reset, instead only decreasing by 20%.
– Rapid kills have a chance for an enemy to drop a second core upon death.
– Removed near miss points.
– Removed rocket shoot-down points.
– Remove the multiplier UI bar, multiplier is now a decimal number (easier to read at a glance and more compact).


– Proper models for all the weapons added in the last update.
– Bullet shield-damage increased (Machine gun/Slam Cannon).
– Machine gun range increased.
– Plasma autogun bullet magnetism decreased.
– Slam Cannon ammo consumption decreased.
– Slam Cannon ammo refill will start after 4 seconds (from 1 second), but rapidly refill ammo instead of slowly.
– Fully charged microwave beam direct-damage decreased slightly.
– Microwave beams no longer set things on fire.


– Removed the Tank Hunters.
– Irradiated enemies now display their AOE range.
– With the “Cataclysmic Compression” upgrade, core dump length has been slightly reduced.
– Lowered 2nd boss hp a bit (fight took too long imo).
– Ammo will be refilled +50% of the total ammo during upgrade/weapon screens
– Setting the game to 30 fps will only activate when not in the menus. I.e gameplay will be 30 fps but menus will go back to 60 fps. This is a lazy workaround for an issue with how I’ve set up my menus lol. It be like that sometimes.
– This and all future versions of the game are compiled in a way that will make them run way better. You should feel a performance increase if you were struggling before.
– There is now proper game stat collection. Like your total kills, most used weapons etc. However the menu to display these stats will come later.
– Camera zooms out a little bit when you boost. Theres also a setting to disable it if you like.


– Items no longer get stuck inside walls and rocks. However now there appear to be issues with them just getting stuck on things lol.
– Cylinder boss can no longer die of status effects while its way up in the air.
– Weapon card text no longer freaks out.



– TOTAL upgrade rework. Rarities bound to a range of waves, upgrade paths, more interesting upgrades.
– Re-imagined Tank Hunter-esque enemy event.
– Menus to look at personal stats and achievements.