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Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath » Taste of Bloodbath – Demo Out Now!

Greetings Dear Friends!

The Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath Demo is finally ready to play, so everyone who liked the humorous, wildpunk fantasy theme of the game, can now check it out on their own using their PC and/or Steam Deck.

Currently the demo offers one playable character – Johnny “Harmon” Wild, a bold and powerful druid, a blessed champion of the Beloved Mother Nature. Nature gifted him with 20 unique skills offering various utilities – damage, crowd control, healing, buffs etc.
By design every skill is supposed to have a special power that is granted on the skill’s maximum level. At the moment the majority of skills already have such an ultimate power, however, few still miss it or will receive a new one during further development.

In the demo you will fight against orcs from the Clan of Aluminium Helmets and there are two game modes where you can challenge them: Elimination and Survival.

In the Elimination Mode, your goal is to defeat a boss. But in order to fight him, you need to defeat three elite enemies first. Elites will appear after vanquishing a required number of regular enemies. Keep in mind that the number and strength of enemies increases over time, therefore, it is crucial to defeat the enemies as fast as possible. Besides – the faster you do it, the better result you can show off to your friends ;-).

The second game mode is Survival – survive the waves of enemies for 20 minutes to be the winner. Sounds easy? Well, see it for yourself ;-).

Defeated Elite enemies (the bigger ones with a yellowish glow) drop a chest that contains a magical item. Majority of those items are magical runes that enhance one of Harmon’s skills. In the demo, there are also few Artifacts that provide unusual powers that can also help you fight the enemies (there will be much more of them in the full game).
Each item can be equipped, stored in a stash (and used in future runs if you wish) or sold. By selling an item you get a small amount of gold.

In the demo there is one way to spend gold – by buying Upgrades.
Upgrades provide various boosts for your champion – increase starting health pool, provide extra skills at the start of a run and so on. In the demo there are 5 upgrades available. The other ones currently visible in the Upgrades screen will be available in the Early Access. Possibly more upgrades will be featured in the final version of the game, but this is a work-in-progress topic.

The full game will offer also other ways to obtain gold and also other ways to spend it. More details soon.

We hope you will enjoy the demo and provide us with fair and constructive feedback so we can make the game even better. Therefore, feel free to post your suggestions, remarks and ideas (and report bugs of course) either in the Steam Community or our Discord server.

For Mother Nature!

P.S. We plan to conduct tournaments where you can win keys unlocking the game. More details soon.