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Crypt of the Necrodancer » SYNCHRONY Update v3.7.1

Crypt of the NecroDancer v3.7.1 is now available!

  • Changed Double Tempo mode to allow holding down directional buttons to move when playing as Bolt or Coda
  • Changed Shield of Shove to appear in Teh Urn‘s item pool
  • Changed sprite for Fireball Spells cast by Infernal Torch
Modding features
  • Added function inventory.findMatchingItemStack()
  • Added function trapClientTrigger.checkClientTrigger()
  • Added components Sync_charmableTargetOverride and Sync_itemPetTargetOverride to control pet targeting
Gameplay bugfixes
  • Fixed consecutive characters not regaining their starting items in Ensemble Mode
  • Fixed hearts sometimes not refilling upon switching characters after healing in Ensemble Mode
  • Fixed cursed hearts sometimes getting lost when switching characters in Ensemble Mode
  • Fixed Blast Helm not protecting Shields’ durability from explosions
  • Fixed Nocturna’s Zone 5 invasion not taking effect in Ensemble mode
  • Fixed Monk encountering gold in walls in Ensemble mode
  • Fixed Dove encountering Sarcophagi in Zone 4 in Ensemble mode
  • Fixed Dorian encountering Blademasters in Zone 4 in Ensemble mode
  • Fixed Tempo not creating an extra miniboss per floor in Ensemble mode
  • Fixed Tempo not increasing enemy spawn rates in Ensemble mode
  • Fixed Tempo and Aria not encountering Spiders outside of Zone 4 in Ensemble mode
  • Fixed Aria not encountering Sarcophagi in Ensemble mode
  • Fixed Aria encountering Spiders and Monkeys in Zone 4 in Ensemble mode
  • Fixed Klarinetta being unable to pick up Shield of Shove
  • Fixed Shield of Shove not being stashed when switching to Monk in Ensemble Mode
  • Fixed Enchant Scroll sometimes failing to produce an item in Single Zone mode
  • Fixed bagged items being dropped when switching characters in Ensemble Mode
  • Fixed Ensemble Mode granting additional Cookies when switching to Mary while already holding Cookies
Engine bugfixes
  • Fixed Ensemble Mode character selection room ignoring multiplayer permission checks
  • Fixed error when entering the lobby practice room in Versus Mode
  • Fixed error when toggling for multiple DLC packs at once while a DLC character is selected
  • Fixed error when displaying preview sprites for modded characters with multiple attachments
Visual bugfixes
  • Fixed Ensemble Mode character preview not always appearing when falling down a trapdoor
  • Fixed lingering visual artifacts after a possessed Wisp takes the stairs
  • Fixed character selection room previews sometimes hovering slightly above the ground
  • Fixed character selection room sometimes representing characters as white squares after unsubscribing from a resource pack
  • Fixed custom skins not immediately applying to Mary’s lamb and Klarinetta’s weapon

Several bugfixes that were previously specific to the SYNCHRONY DLC now apply to all versions of the game:

  • Fixed Warlock teleports causing deployed Familiars to be offset when killed by Boots of Pain
  • Fixed healing not granting invincibility frames on Cadence’s final boss battle
  • Fixed Skeleton Knights taking double knockback from some sources of damage
  • Fixed Nocturna being able to transmogrify weapons and headgear out of nowhere while in Bat Form
  • Fixed Blue and Orange Slimes having a high chance to get stuck against the room’s boundary walls
  • Fixed walls interrupting ice slides in Phasing Mode or while wearing a Ring of Phasing
  • Fixed Boots of Leaping and Boots of Lunging sharing their On/Off state with each other
  • Fixed Bag of Holding not dropping its contents when switching to another backpack item
  • Fixed Pixie explosions not dealing damage to tiles or items
  • Fixed Exploding Mushrooms and Pixies not being immune to damage prior to being revealed
  • Fixed Aria’s final boss taking damage from Boots of Lunging and Rat Familiar while confused
  • Fixed Aria and Coda encountering empty barrels in Zone 4
  • Fixed Tempo’s damage countdown resetting indefinitely when bumping into an unaffordable chest
  • Fixed Randomizer Mode causing slow enemies to move instantly after being knocked back
  • Fixed Headless Skeletons getting stuck in place after walking into a Rat Familiar
  • Fixed enemies moving one beat sooner while inside a Nightmare’s shadow
  • Fixed enemies moving one beat sooner if they are revealed on the same beat a bomb explodes