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Crypt of the Necrodancer » SYNCHRONY Update v3.6.1

Crypt of the NecroDancer v3.6.1 is now available!

  • Changed possessed Headless Skeletons and Minotaurs to accept inputs while charging
  • Changed menu sliders to audibly indicate when their upper or lower value was hit
  • Changed controller button prompts to show D-Pad instead of Analog Stick when both are bound to the same action
  • Changed Xbox D-Pad icons to have a higher visual contrast
  • Changed latency calibration assistant to show up when launching the game for the first time on a new device
  • Changed latency and display settings to no longer cloud-sync across devices on subsequent launches
  • Changed unlock progression state to be tied to user accounts, instead of being shared across all accounts on the same device
  • Changed Custom Music ‘Manual Beats’ mode to cover the full song when only inputting a short sequence of beats
  • Added support for tagging settings to be explicitly excluded from cloud synchronization
  • Added rhythmLeniency status effect
  • Added component rhythmLeniencyOnLevelStart
  • Added component rhythmLeniencyOnUnspectate
  • Added component itemDeathProtection
  • Added component spawnableFollowOwnershipChanges
  • Added field itemConsumeOnLethalHit.bypassFlags
  • Changed autoCastCheckLineOfSight to default to WALL collisions
  • Changed autoCastCheckLineOfSight to ignore collisions on the target tile
  • Changed event.objectKill to always pass ev.damageType
Gameplay bugfixes
  • Fixed Ring of Protection converting cursed health into regular health
  • Fixed Ring of Protection not working if the wearer only has cursed hearts
  • Fixed Ring of Protection being outprioritized by the Potion if picked up later
  • Fixed Ring of Peace sometimes causing an extra heart container to be granted after dying
  • Fixed Ogres sometimes attacking without raising their club
  • Fixed some Onyx weapons being much rarer in locked shops than intended
  • Fixed enemies, crates, chests, shrines and walls sometimes spawning inside the shop in Zone 3
  • Fixed player not being shrunk when unequipping protective footwear while standing on top of ooze
  • Fixed Death Metal sometimes keeping his shield after taking more than 9 hearts of damage in one hit
  • Fixed clockwise rotating bounce traps not appearing in Zone 3
  • Fixed all rotating bounce traps on a level sharing the same rotation direction
  • Fixed Evil Eyes’ and Blademasters’ lunge attacks not dealing damage to multiple players standing on the same tile
  • Fixed Slimes’ initial directions being randomized between seeded runs of the same dungeon
  • Fixed Klarinetta not getting shrunk when killing a Warlock on Ooze
Chaunter bugfixes
  • Fixed possessed Headless Skeletons moving to the beat in No Beat Mode
  • Fixed Chaunter taking damage from its own safe bombs when possessing/unpossessing an enemy
  • Fixed Chaunter not always receiving credit for kills made by the Rat Familiar
Input bugfixes
  • Fixed boss intro screen sometimes letting movement key presses through
  • Fixed missed beats after the Berserk status effect ends
  • Fixed missed beats after the Heart Transplant’s effect ends
  • Fixed missed beats when the entering phase 2 of Cadence’s final boss
  • Fixed missed beats while possessing a Headless Skeleton in No Beat mode
  • Fixed “Missed!” flyaway incorrectly appearing while the Berserk status effect is active
  • Fixed controller auto-detection not working correctly while a menu is open
  • Fixed latency calibration button prompts not updating when plugging in a controller
  • Fixed tutorial button prompts not updating when plugging in a controller
  • Fixed tutorial displaying “None” for the “Skip tutorial” button prompt when using a controller
Engine bugfixes
  • Fixed images being pre-loaded during first-time latency calibration, leading to framerate drops
  • Fixed Green Bat achievement progress counter getting stuck if a Green Bat was killed while offline
  • Fixed local changes to the configuration file being overwritten by Cloud Synchronization
  • Fixed configuration file sometimes being corrupted when saving multiple times in rapid succession on a slow hard drive
  • Fixed potential crashes when signing into GOG GALAXY on Linux
  • Fixed save data from older versions of the game being imported multiple times across user accounts
  • Fixed error when King Conga’s zombies are transmuted into different enemies
  • Fixed lobby music playing briefly before changelog menu is visible
Visual bugfixes
  • Fixed tutorial level displaying the ‘Low Percent’ indicator in the pause menu
  • Fixed Wisps displaying an invalid sprite in Mystery Mode after being attacked
  • Fixed incorrect swipes when a charmed or possessed enemy attacks Nocturna’s penultimate boss
Level editor bugfixes
  • Fixed level editor not saving the coin counts of merged gold piles correctly
  • Fixed incorrect sprite offset when using the level editor’s Move Tool on a Dove player