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Crypt of the Necrodancer » SYNCHRONY Update v3.6.0

Crypt of the NecroDancer v3.6.0 is now available!

Can you believe it’s March already? Wild.

New features
  • Added new sound effects for the Phantom, Jockey, Granite Golem, Wisp and an uncommon enemy
  • Added a Ping Tool to quickly highlight important locations and objects in-game in multiplayer
    • On keyboard, ping markers can be placed on nearby objects by pressing Right Shift (player 1) or F (player 2)
    • On controller, if Steam Input is enabled, ping markers can be placed on nearby objects by clicking the Left Stick
    • If these keys were already bound to other actions, the ‘Ping Nearby’ action is left unassigned by default
      • All ping bindings can be customized in the ‘Reassign Controls’ menu
    • Ping markers can also be placed manually, by clicking on a tile or object with the left mouse button
    • Pinging a distant object shows an arrow near the screen border for all players, pointing in the direction of the ping
      • Pinging a chest, crate or shrine while wearing a Monocle reveals the contents for everyone
    • Repeatedly using the Ping Tool in multiplayer places it on cooldown for a few seconds
    • Muting a player via the ‘Multiplayer’ > ‘Player List’ menu also hides and silences their pings
  • Added an option to hide ping markers placed by other players in online sessions
  • Added an option to hide ping markers placed by spectators
  • Added an advanced volume slider for the Ping Tool
  • Added an option to reduce the intensity of flashing visual effects (Explosions, Fireballs)
  • Added an option to change the speed of beat bars in the HUD
  • Added a ‘Menu’ button to the level editor’s top toolbar
    • This button can be hidden using an option in the level editor’s settings menu
  • Changed Heavy Glass Armor to swap between armor stacks instead of merging them together and wasting surplus durability
  • Changed unprovoked Leprechauns to be immune to Wall Spikes
  • Changed Travel Runes to no longer disappear when covered by hot coals, ice or ooze in Synchrony
  • Changed Travel Runes under Cracked Walls to be movable in the level editor
  • Changed menus to more visibly indicate when their entries can be scrolled up or down
  • Changed custom mode notification to appear in the lobby when custom music is enabled
  • Changed most non-challenge achievements to be obtainable while custom music is enabled
  • Changed the level editor’s toolbar to adapt its spacing for low screen resolutions
Modding features
  • Added support for generating multiple travel runes and secret shops per level
  • Added function objectRenderer.getContentVisual() to render custom monocle-like projections on top of container objects
  • Added function rectangle.resizeAroundCenter() to change a rectangle’s size while maintaining its centerpoint
  • Added function render.getTileAt() to transform screenspace coordinates into tile coordinates
  • Added function utils.removeIfArg() to filter a list according to a predicate, receiving both the entry and a custom data parameter
  • Added function placementUtils.getRoomsOfType()
  • Added optional allowOnScreen and noDraw parameters to targetPointerHUD.draw()
  • Added components CharacterSkins_excludeFromSelector and CharacterSkins_excludeFromTemplate to hide characters from the skin selection menu
  • Added field threshold to component aiCatlike
  • Added enumeration entry proceduralLevel.RoomType.VAULT, indicating vaults and potion rooms
  • Changed “Publish mod” menu to clear the changelog after a mod was uploaded successfully
  • Changed Ring of Regeneration to pass itself as healer in event.objectHeal
  • Changed itemGeneration.choice() to accept modded component names in chanceType
  • Changed segment.setBounds() to resize the level to fit the segment’s bounding box
  • Changed entities without voiceRangedAttack to fall back to voiceMeleeAttack
Gameplay bugfixes
  • Fixed healing items or spells not granting invincibility while sliding on ice
  • Fixed Travel Runes sometimes failing to appear when playing Nocturna
  • Fixed Dove’s bombs failing to teleport provoked Shopkeepers
  • Fixed groups of Green Slimes and Mushroom Lights causing some level layouts to be impassable for Monk/Coda
  • Fixed Shrine of Binding causing coin multiplier loss when bumped repeatedly by Dove/Monk/Coda
  • Fixed Thief being outprioritized by Barrels and Electric Orbs
  • Fixed Thief not prioritizing its target’s previous position when diagonally adjacent
  • Fixed Thief sometimes stealing items from its diagonally adjacent target if it cannot move orthogonally
  • Fixed Warlocks duplicating their dropped gold when killed while standing on a coin pile
  • Fixed Dice Trap spawning enemies on top of other traps
  • Fixed Infernal Torch incorrectly casting Fireballs from non-dug wall torches while Miner’s Cap is equipped
  • Fixed items that would have appeared in a shop failing to spawn elsewhere after the Shopkeeper was killed
    • This does not apply to the Daily Challenge
Chaunter bugfixes
  • Fixed Chaunter’s Lantern emitting light when entering a floor while possessing an enemy
  • Fixed Chaunter’s Lantern forcing single-tempo during possession when given to other characters
  • Fixed Shrine of Rhythm not fully taking effect on Chaunter
  • Fixed possessed enemies spawned from a Sarcophagus not receiving credit for their kills
  • Fixed coin multiplier being lost when a possessed Skeleton is decapitated by self-damage
  • Fixed Clones taking on Cadence’s appearance when entering a level while possessing an enemy as Chaunter
  • Fixed possessed Wisps’ sprite not disappearing after going down a staircase
  • Fixed possessed Leprechauns being unable to pick up items
  • Fixed possessed Pawnbrokers being immune to self-damage
Level editor bugfixes
  • Fixed secret shops not generating correctly in the level editor
  • Fixed Minotaurs roaring when placed in the level editor
  • Fixed Thief playing its appearance sound when generated in the level editor
  • Fixed “Selection panel columns” level editor option not working correctly
  • Fixed Melody’s final boss creating lava tiles when placed in the editor
  • Fixed the Gong killing all bosses when destroyed in a custom level, instead of only the boss that struck the Gong
  • Fixed Nightmare shadows obscuring enemies and items in the level editor
  • Fixed cursor movement overriding player movement in the in-game editor overlay
    • This behavior can be configured by an advanced option in the editor settings
Modding bugfixes
  • Fixed stack overflow errors resulting in an empty error message instead of a stack trace
  • Fixed autoCastCheckLineOfSight not working for vertical directions
  • Fixed inconsistent results between LineOfSight.check() and player field of view checks
  • Fixed tileRenderer.getFloorVisual() not correctly using a default value for the beat parameter
  • Fixed spellcastCone targeting a line of tiles on diagonals, instead of a rotated triangle
  • Fixed error when an attachment entity’s parent does not have the position component
  • Fixed enumeration values marked as invisible still appearing in settings dropdowns
  • Fixed multi-client mode not disabling Discord integration
  • Fixed multi-client mode showing changelog/character unlock menus
  • Fixed custom items inheriting from Bombs registering duplicate entity types
  • Fixed inconsistent spacing in controls menu when mods define both per-player hotkeys and custom gameplay actions
Input bugfixes
  • Fixed missed beats when holding down a directional button late in the beat if multi-key combos are enabled
  • Fixed inputs being treated as missed beats more often at the start of a floor
  • Fixed rare instances of multiple inputs in a row being treated as missed beats after unpausing
  • Fixed rapid key presses sometimes allowing movement during the boss intro screen
  • Fixed possessed diagonally-moving enemies not enabling 8-directional D-Pad movement on Steam Input
  • Fixed “ignore background mouse input” not applying to gameplay controls
  • Fixed custom per-player hotkeys triggering the ‘missed’ HUD flyaway and sound effect
  • Fixed controls menu responding to mouse input while the rebind prompt is open
Engine bugfixes
  • Fixed performance issues in levels containing an absurd amount of torches, such as the lobby
  • Fixed DLCs not loading on the first game launch after being purchased
  • Fixed Daily Challenge not being playable offline in DRM-free build
  • Fixed error when a Shock Monkey takes environmental damage
Audio bugfixes
  • Fixed Onyx weapons playing an incorrect attack voice line when hitting multiple enemies at once
  • Fixed enemies not playing their hit sounds when squished
Visual bugfixes
  • Fixed Coral Riff’s splash particles not always being visible
  • Fixed confusing death message when Monk dies due to Ring of Gold in multiplayer
  • Fixed the Leprechaun’s visual effects rendering behind walls
  • Fixed visual seams in the left-facing animation for the Fireball Spell
  • Fixed coins being hidden by walls after being teleported by a Warlock