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Crypt of the Necrodancer » SYNCHRONY Hotfix v3.7.3

Crypt of the NecroDancer v3.7.3 is now available!

New features
  • Added an option to swap the A/B and X/Y controller button icons in the HUD
Modding features
  • Added parameter ev.knockbackSuppressed to event.objectDealDamage/objectTakeDamage
    • If set to true, knockback is disabled for this attack, separately from the distance specified in ev.knockback
    • If set to false, knockback is always applied for this attack, even for otherwise suppressed hits
    • If nil (default), knockback is applied if the attack was not suppressed
  • Added functions fear.setRemainingTurns()/fear.getRemainingTurns()
  • Added function statusEffect.isActive()
  • Added data field training to enum boss.Type, which can be set to false to avoid generating training stairs in the lobby
Gameplay bugfixes
  • Fixed Blademasters resisting knockback on parried hits
  • Fixed Transaction Panels in secret shops being destroyed if the tile beneath them is changed
Interface bugfixes
  • Fixed long key names being split up across lines in some languages
Modding bugfixes
  • Fixed enum boss.Type data field splashTitle not affecting the name displayed on the boss intro screen
  • Fixed custom equipment sprites not rendering if they use filtered textures
  • Fixed modded enemies inheriting from the Skeleton template appearing as Fortissimole audience members
  • Fixed error in event.objectDig if ev.flags.checkAllTiles is set without ev.radius