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Swordship » Swordship Dev Diary #4 Perks

Ahoy pilots!

Welcome back for our last dev diary for this year! We are thrilled that Swordship is finally out on all platforms! Have you made it onto the leaderboard yet?

In today’s dev diary, we will share our thoughts regarding the perks we have and which we think are too powerful!

In the beginning, we had almost only had upgrades with which to collect energy cells. But, as time passed, we encountered many situations during the game’s development where we thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?”.So we started experimenting with different ideas for upgrades to see which would work. We came up with lots of ideas but finally came up with a good selection of weak and strong perks you can select when trading in the containers you collect.

But of course, we had to scrap a bunch of upgrades too. “Standing Magnet”, which collects all energy cells when the Swordship stands still for two seconds, was too boring. And we found that “Fire Dive”, a devastating attack that triggered whenever the Swordship dived while it was on fire, was too powerful. This was also the case for”Auto Bomb”, which automatically activated an explosion of your collected container if the Swordship was hit (hello bullet hell shooters).

Now when the game is out, we can focus on looking towards the horizon and create even more content for you to enjoy! We already have a few ideas we want to implement, and we are reading all the suggestions from you in the community to see what features you would like to have!

If you have any good ideas or feedback, please join our discord and share them with us!

We wish you all a wonderful winter holiday and a happy new year!
Benjamin & The Swordship Crew