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20 Minutes Till Dawn » Switch Pre-Order, “Apocalypse Party” Crossover, and Other News!

Hello, everyone!
I’ve got some news to share:

1. Switch Pre-Order Now Available: I’m excited to announce that you can now pre-order “20 Minutes Till Dawn” on the Nintendo e-shop for Switch! The official release set for Dec 21st.

Nintendo eShop (Pre-order for EU and other regions is expected to be available around Dec 18th):




2. Free Crossover DLC with Apocalypse Party: My friends that are developing “Apocalypse Party”, another horde-survival roguelike, released a free “20 Minutes Till Dawn” crossover DLC for their game. Go check it out!Apocalypse Party DLC

3.Special Bundle Offer: There’s a 10% discount on the “20 Minutes Till Dawn” X “Apocalypse Party” bundle. Grab this deal here: Apocalypse Party Till Dawn Bundle

4. New Patch Incoming I’m currently working on a new patch for “20 Minutes Till Dawn”. It’ll consist of some new upgrades perks, quality of life improvements, and some balance/mechanic changes. Stay tuned for its release – coming soon!

5.Follow & Wishlist 20MTD Spin-Off:The upcoming page of “20 Minutes Till Dawn” spin-off-20MTD: Emberpath now on Steam. You can FOLLOW and WISHLIST to get the latest updates. Your continued support means the world to me!

Happy Holidays!