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Swarmlake » Swarmlake 3.0 Out Now

Hi, the free Swarmlake 3.0 Update is out now:

  • Added player health

    Improves understandability of game overs which was by far the most common complaint since release. In the past the binary nature of one-hit deaths resulted in frustrations as there was no warning possible. Also increases the elasticity of the game challenge. This will affect the gameplay dynamic as it is now possible to intentionally take damage to get to a bomb.

  • Added bowl-shaped arena wall

    Removes the punishing nature of falling off the arena while keeping effectively the same playspace as the recently introduced arena limit. As a reminder having a limited arena reduces the amount of invalid options such as running infinitely backwards/forwards or making too big of circles. Since the game gets harder over time this only ever resulted in slower and more frustrating deaths which were not obvious to understand. It also increases the required decision making and adds more positioning and meaning to space. So overall this improves the depth tree for both beginner and expert players.

  • Added wall jump
  • Added bomb detonation healing a fraction of health
  • Added health bar display
  • Added player damage audiovisual feedback
  • Added player top percent display to leaderboard
  • Added leaderboard rank display
  • Added settings tab to hide individual HUD elements
  • Improved enemy jump sign display
  • Improved shard despawn warning feedback clarity by increasing flicker speed over time
  • Improved sound effects mix clarity
  • Improved milestone score visual effect
  • Improved startup speed
  • Fixed startup delay if loading showcase failed
  • Reset leaderboard and settings
  • Decreased fire rate by 10%

    Better fits expectations of when taking damage relative to enemy density. Also increases decision making by having to avoid enemies more and adapting to their patterns. This changes game feel so it might take some time to get used to it.

  • Increased bomb spawn height variation by 20%

    Encourages more vertical play and reduces repetitive single jump strategies.

  • Increased enemy spawn scaling by 25%

    Speeds up pacing and balances out the increased survivability of the player due to adding health.

Unfortunately the leaderboard also had to be reset.

Swarmlake has continuously evolved over time with the goal to make it more fun for more players by always keeping player feedback in mind. I am aware that people dislike change and I am sorry for the frustration this can cause.

Thank you
– Dominique