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Swarmlake » Swarmlake 2.9

Hey all, Swarmlake 2.9 is out aiming to improve the game based on recent feedback:

  • Decreased distance of replacing bomb on spawn limit when far away from player by 40%
  • Decreased time-based enemy spawn scaling by 20% (same as before 2.8)
  • Readded score-based bomb spawn limit (reverted)
  • Fixed replacing farthest bomb on spawn limit in rare cases
  • Removed replacing invisible bomb on spawn limit
  • Reset leaderboard

Touching bombs is one of the core tensions of the game. Interesting decisions emerge from moving towards bombs (reward) while judging (uncertainty) how to best avoid enemies (cost).

Having bombs move to the player undermines this dynamic as it was better to move in an endless circle and ignore bombs until they were close. Players wanting to win were forced to play this way which reduced depth. Therefore bomb movement was removed in the recent updates.

However this increased uncertainty due to the increased time to reach bombs. This update aims to address this.

Unfortunately the leaderboard also had to be reset.

Thank you for your understanding, feedback and support
– Dominique