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Survivors: Three Kingdoms » Survivors: Three Kingdoms: Update – Patch 1.2

Greetings to players,

Thanks for your attention and feedback regarding ‘Survivors: Three Kingdoms’.
We fixed some bugs and balance, please check blow:

[Early Access UPDATE – Patch 1.2]


– Add direction and name for Bosses and Adjutants.
– Mark the maximum level when selecting Adjutants.
– The ‘HP restore’ items remain on the field, until you get it.

[Character Balance]

1. Guan yu
– Revised the Attack counts of ‘Guan Yu Combo’:
+ Lv.7 -> Attack 7 times
+ Lv.8 -> Attack 8 times
+ Lv.9 -> Attack 10 times
2. Xiahou Yuan
– Increased slightly Attack of Xiahou Yuan’s Multi-attack
3. Zhang Fei
– Increased the probability of Zhang Fei’s Basic Attack appearance
– Increased the probability of Zhang Fei’s Dodge Power from -10% to 0
– Increased Zhang Fei’s Moving Speed from -5% to 0
– Reduced amount of Zhang Fei’s Skill Cooldown from -10% to 0
– Adjusted the distance of Zhang Fei Combo’s Dash
– Added ‘Gathering Power’ of Zhang Fei
3. Zhang Jiao
– Reduced the speed of HP decreasing from -35 to 0
– Added ‘Power up’, ‘HP Auto-Recovery’ and ‘EXP Power’ of Zhang Jue
4. Da Qiao
– Increased the Basic Energy of Da Qiao from -50% to -30%
– Reduced the Moving Speed slightly from 25% to 20%
– Added ‘Gathering Power’ of Da Qiao
5. Zhuge Liang
– Increased the Basic Energy of Zhuge Liang from -50% to -30%
– Added ‘Power up’ and ‘Dodge Rate’ of Zhuge Liang

[Skill Balance]
– Increased the probability of appearing “skills” in ‘Treasure Chest’
– ‘Ginseng’ item is added to ‘Treasure Chest’. It will restore HP.
– Increased the Skill Cooldown of ‘Fearsome’ in the low-level section
– Increased the Skill Cooldown of ‘Wall’
– Increased the Spinning speed of ‘Fire Ball’
– Reduced the Damage of ‘Fire Ball’ silghtly
– Increased the Moving distance of ‘Rolling Attack’
– Reduced the Skill Cooldown of ‘Rolling Attack’
– Reduced Piercing numbers of ‘Da Qiao’s Dagger’ from 4 to 1:
+ But Piercing can be added through ‘Power up’


– Adjusted the effect of ‘Da Qiao’s Dagger’
– Revised the condition of ‘Coin Flip’:
+ (existed) 10,000 Gold
+ (changed) 5,000 Gold

– Fixed that the character’s moving speed suddenly increased
– Fixed that UI information is not visible in a particular language:
+ It is occurred to the players who use German and Spanish

Players whose game record reaches V1.1 after the first purchase will receive 100,000 gold coins