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Choo Choo Survivor » Survivor Jobs and Negative Status Zombies to melt away!

Hello Choo Choo Engineers!

I’ve added survivor jobs to the game that make survivors more useful. Whenever you pickup a survivor they will automatically be assigned a job as per the order in the list below. The most important job is On Train Repair which reduces the duration of negative status effects that the new debuff zombies can apply on your train. You can access Survivor Jobs through the Upgrade menu at the top left.

The five new zombies fire their own debuff at your train and each one has its own effect. If a debuff hits your train no damage is applied but instead the relevant debuff is applied. These new zombies spawn as their own group in small numbers and tend to spawn separately from the typical mobs of zombies. They spawn on all levels. When a debuff is applied to your train you’ll see a big banner below your train showing how many seconds are remaining for that debuff and its effect.

My next objectives are to make a new level and then add some more locomotives.