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Survival Sprint » SURVIVAL SPRINT Update log Version 0.4.8

Hello everyone! Thank you for supporting SURVIVAL SPRINT. I have been working hard on updating it for more than a week. I know the game still has many imperfections, but I will continue working hard.

Version 0.4.8 Notes

– Added a HandBook, which allows players to view information about monsters, bosses, weapons and items.

– Added map features. On different maps, the monster’s HP, attack and gold drop rate are different.

– Added 4 new weapons:
*Harp: “Able to produce a circular sound wave attack, slowing down the enemy’s speed”
*Molotov cocktail: “Throw a Molotov cocktail around, causing area damage”
*Death Zone: “Instakill enemies that enter the range”
*Slingshot: “Shoots marbles that bounce to attack enemies”

– Added 7 new supportive items:

*Fishing Rod: “Increases the drop items absorbing range”
*Devil Runes: “Increase the number of monsters appearing”
*EXP Scroll: “Increase EXP Points”
*Master Tip: “Reduce the cooldown of active skills”
*Seal of Crit: “Increased Critical Chance”
*Magic Cloak: “Increased Chance to Block”
*Limited Edition Panties: “It doesn’t seem to be useful”

– Added 6 new monsters.

-Fixed an error where some players could not save game records.
-Fixed the bug that coins could not be displayed normally.
-Fixed a small amount of wrong text display.

Finally, I would like to talk about the direction of future updates. Future weapons may have additional features. Monsters, BOSS, etc. may also add new weaknesses.
This information will be available in the HandBook. In addition, more information, including weapon combinations, will be added to the manual.
Of course, monsters, bosses, and weapon and item combinations will continue to be updated. Hope to improve the game step by step.

Thanks for reading. Please continue to support Survival Sprint.