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Survival Sprint » SURVIVAL SPRINT Update log Version 0.4.5

Hello everyone! Thank you for supporting Survival Sprint. Recently, I have received a lot of comments and improvement directions from friends, so today I will bring you a new version update.

Version 0.4.5 Notes

-Added Steam Cloud save function (some players’ save files may be affected)

-Changed “knockback” calculation method: Knockback from weapon centred outwards => changed to always knockback from player-centred outwards.

-Changed lighting elements for dropped items. (EXP can now be seen in the dark too!)

-Changed the drop rule of “EXP”: No EXP will be dropped in areas that player cannot reach, and their experience points will be superimposed on an EXP that has appeared on the map (it will turn red!); as in the map, if there is no EXP, the EXP will be obtained directly.

-Changed the rules of the drop item “Collection Bracelet”: from absorbing all drop items on the map => to only absorbing “EXP” and “Coins” (“Heart” and “Collection Bracelet” will stay on the map).

-Fixed a small amount of wrong text display.

Thanks for reading. Please continue to support Survival Sprint.