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Spell Defender » Survey Results!

Thank you all so much for participating. In total I got 77 responses in about 24 hours which is amazing!

So here are the results of the survey. I decided to add all your points together in a pool and order the priorities from that.

Survey results
  1. Spells and passives, 630 points
  2. Bosses, 588 points
  3. Arenas / Levels, 562 points
  4. new playable characters, 555 points
  5. Gamemodes. 534 points
  6. Performance optimizations, 491 points
  7. Enemy types, 481 points
  8. Challenges and achievements, 414 points
  9. Cosmetics, 278 points


So lets break this down:
It seems in general almost all of these features is something we want to add to the game. I also think a lot of these features go hand in hand with eachother and believe that they make each other better together. Cosmetics is the only thing that was a bit controversial, some really want and some really dont care.

What to focus on?

So I have decided to pretty much focus on all of these things. The next update will feature a new game-mode, a new arena, a new boss type, and many small bug fixes and balance changes. I will see if I can also smack in some new spells but I might want to save that for a future spell and passive update where I dump a ton of new spells.

Heres a sneak peak of the new Arena:

Your comments!

I also added all of your final comments to my Trello board so I won’t forget them. There were some great ideas and other fixes in there so I will for sure address as many of them as possible!

Review! 😀

Also, if you enjoy the game and want to help me out, write a review on steam. It helps a ton with steam algorithm 😀

Thank you!!!

Anyways. I am so happy about all of these responses and I try to listen to all of you! Together we can make a really good game!