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Super Kill-BOI 9000 » Super Kill-BOI 9000 Patch 1.1.0

Hey humans,
it’s been a couple of days since launch, and we’ve been receiving some great feedback! We want to say thank you to everyone who has bought the game, and especially those who have taken the time to write a review. If you haven’t posted one yet, again, it would support us so much if you did.
This first patch fixes some bugs, and adds a new mechanic: Friendship Bonuses!
When you level up Kill-BOI, a random Friendship Bonus is added to every upgrade. This way, you can increase different stats and shape your build more precisely!

Please let us know how you like the changes – and have fun!

Here’s the full changelog for version 1.1.0:


  • Added randomized FRIENDSHIP BONUSES to upgrades (this should make picking upgrades more varied and interesting)
  • Every attack now has a crit chance


  • Exploder now deal reduced damage when you are far away from the explosion center
  • Improved Mini Flamethrower turn rate and damage
  • Improved Shotgun turn rate


  • Player can no longer get the same upgrade multiple times by mashing
  • Fixed Gravinades spamming “0” damage numbers
  • Fixed “Massive Saws” not working
  • Cursor is now hidden when playing with controller or keyboard