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Sun Down Survivors » Sun Down Patch 1.3

Hey everyone!

It’s Director Bruce with a patch to rebalance the whole game, fix some bugs, and add dozens of points of polish to the game!

While Sun Down Survivors started as a game that was incredibly difficult, as time has gone on, players have improved dramatically— even new players, who have gained EXP through playing other games across the genre.

So while a lot of these balance changes are targeted towards making the game difficulty curve slightly smoother, they also just make game more difficult to accommodate all the extra level ups players have had across the genre. Survivors genre games are simply just more fun when the game challenges you to make tough decisions and try new different builds or characters.

Along with this patch to rebalance the game, for next patch, we’re also going to be adding in a final boss and add more depth to the game to make more deep builds. We can’t wait to show you what we’re working on!

Balance Changes:
  • intimidation Spell is now only available on Darius
  • Increased Elite Shadeclaw HP from 1200 -> 1400
  • Increased Mammooth’s HP from 2000 to 2500
  • Slightly Increased Mammooth’s movement speed
  • Lion HP 250 -> 275
  • Fire Octopus HP 425 -> 475
  • Mole HP: 600 ->700
  • Yellow Ghost HP: 100 -> 115
  • Fall Slime: 275 HP -> 300
  • Torto (Wave) HP 350 -> 375
  • Angry Dog HP 275 -> 300
  • Top Off: 25 HP restored per level -> 20
  • Bulk Up 40 Max HP -> 35 Max HP
  • Vitality(2) from Medium Difficulty Camps 70 Max HP -> 50
  • Bugfix: Hand of Gold(2) from Medium Difficulty Camps now correctly grants 6%
  • Chicken Friend(2) from Medium Difficulty Camps: Grants 2 Chickens for 20% reduced damage -> 22% Reduced Damage
  • Chicken Friend(3) from Hard Difficulty Camps: Grants 3 chickens for 10% reduced damage -> 20% Reduced Damage
  • Hand of Gold: 8% Chance to drop 5 gold -> 9%
  • Might(3) From Hard Difficulty Camps: +24% damage -> +20% damage
  • Vitality(3): 100 Max HP -> 60 Max HP
  • First Strike: 30% Increased damage to targets who are full HP -> 25%

  • William Scale’s arrow projectile speed: 10 -> 13
  • Pet Stormy Damage 5 -> 6
  • Pet Spirit Fox Damage 4 -> 5
  • Aluvius Speed: 6 -> 7
  • Aluvius Attack Range: 14 -> 17

  • Gem Nodes drop 15-25 gems -> 10 gems
  • Monster dropped gem nodes drop 20 gems -> 10 gems
Seasonal Quest Rewards:
  • Gems Gems Gems! : 20 Gems -> 15 Gems
  • Gold Gold Gold! : 50 gold -> 40 Gold

Romanceable Rewards:
  • Close Connection: 50HP Restored -> 30 HP
  • Lovers: 50 HP Restored -> 30 HP
  • Refreshing Visit: 50 HP Restored -> 30 HP

  • implemented dozens sound effects for UI, many spell FX, and pets!
  • implemented a slightly smoother camera

  • Leaving the house should now more reliably load correctly
  • Resolutions are now forced to be 16:9 such that all UI elements will fit on the screen without being cut off
  • Hand of Gold(2) now correctly grants 6% chance to gain 5 gold

Thanks for reading this far! We look forward to seeing you all again soon, for when we patch in Steam Achievements, some spell updates, way more spells, and even a final boss!

Thanks for playing and hope you enjoy!

Director Bruce
Pixel Sprout Studios