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Sun Down Survivors » Sun Down Patch 1.2

Hey Everyone!

It’s Bruce, the Director from Pixel Sprout Studios!

We just released Sun Down Survivors Patch 1.2: Characters and Content Update, now available on Steam! This patch includes 2 new unlockable characters, post-game leveling up, more abilities to unlock, seasonal map art, and more!

Let’s jump right into the new patch!

A nice fall day with a perfectly timed arrow.

Character Updates:
  • Artemis, the Amari Bounty Hunter
  • Start with Hunter’s Arrow, an arrow that can hit multiple enemies in a row

  • Jas, the Master Summoner
  • Start with Aluvius, a pet that automatically deals massive damage with a bite
  • New House Interiors and Exteriors for Artemis and Jas
  • Updated Portraits for Lucia and Darius
  • Updated Lucia Character Sprite
  • Fireball is now exclusive to Lucia
  • Sword Thrust is now exclusive to Darius
  • Hunter’s Arrow is now exclusive to Artemis
  • Characters can now be unlocked using Gems
  • Characters now have idle animations when standing still

Weapons Rack:
  • Players can now use the Weapons Rack in their house interior to upgrade stats permanently across all runs
  • Stat Upgrades can be done up to 11 times, depending on the upgrade
  • Gems are required to train up your stats, so make sure to collect any that you find!
  • Gems can be collected by killing monsters or mining

New Spells and Cards:
  • Added in new Pets:
  • Stormy, the Angry Cloud
  • Crumble, the Tough Bodyguard
  • William Scale, the Handsome Archer
  • Spirit Fox, the Arrow apparition
  • Tutty, the King Turtle
  • Added Seasonal Rewards obtained by surviving through the next season
  • Added Unique Romance Cards you receive by romancing May and Ethan

  • Added new Quest System to improve on tutorials and add minor objectives throughout the game
  • Complete quests to obtain extra money or gems
  • Buffed monsters and monster spawn rates
  • Adjusted day and night time lengths
  • Monsters now generally move faster
  • Bosses now generally move faster
  • Adjusted spell damage and attack speed of multiple spells
Other Changes:
  • Added new Wheat Cannon
  • Added Pig Barn Animal
  • Added new foragables around the map
  • Added seasonal variants to the map
  • Added new buff items to the Shop
  • Updated fishing spots for clarity
  • Added SFX for dialogue
  • Added more SFX
  • Added a pettable cat in each player house
  • You can pet the cat for 25 extra health before every run

Aluvius is here to save the day!

We also wanted to share that you can now buy Sun Haven and Sun Down in a bundle at a discount on the Sun Haven Steam Store Page. If you’re looking for a good deal and some fun games to sink your teeth into, this is the bundle for you!

That’s everything for this patch! Sun Down is in a really good place at this point and we hope you all enjoy it!

Don’t forget to join our Discord to find a group to play with, ask for game help, or just hang out with the rest of our amazing community!

Good luck and have fun, adventurers!

Bruce, Director
Pixel Sprout Studios