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Might'n Mow'em Co-Op Survivors Online » Summer in the fields

You’ve been wishing for longer runs to take advantage of all the level-ups you’ve collected! Your wish has been granted, because from now on MIGHT’N MOW’EM has a new game mode!

With today’s patch we introduce the Endless Mode, so that your round never ends or lasts as long as you manage to survive. You can find the mode before the start of each run in the settings, but only if you have learned the correct perk 😉

But that’s not all! You always wanted to get the first place in the ranking? Then now is the right time for you. With the recently released new balancing MIGHT’N MOW’EM plays a bit different and better. Consequently we have reset all rankings.

Just a small question on the side… Did you notice the two new perks in the last update? We were curious how many attentive players we have….

So that you can use a 6th weapon slot and 6th item slot in the future, they are now unlocked at the blacksmith thanks to a perk to be able to select and use a wider range of weapons and items in each run.

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions? Then don’t hesitate to support us in our Discord to make our MnM even better, more beautiful and more exciting!

Summer endless Mowing!