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No Reloading: Survival Trials ┬╗ Streamer Mode Insanity Updates and Much More!

I’ve been hard at work adding thrilling updates of NO RELOADING: Survival Trials. Experience enhanced gameplay, thrilling new features, and crucial fixes for an unbeatable stylish rogue-lite experience!

­čÄ«Streamer Mode Enhancements­čÄ«
  • New Viewer Commands: Enrich your streaming experience with a range of new viewer commands like spawning skeletons and applying buffs to enemies! Answer the streamer mode trivia questions in game to learn all the commands!
  • Viewer Votes: Viewers can now vote to spawn hordes, drop rare weapons chests, disarm Roger, reload Roger’s guns, despawn all nearby weapons, and much more.

­čöąNew Features­čöą
  • Crosshair Status Indicator: Stay informed with a new crosshair showing the state of reverse projectiles, gunslinger, gun-kata, shoot dodge, cartwheel, and more.
  • Shortcut Teleporters: Access later episodes faster with new shortcut teleporters, making your journey through the trials more dynamic. Kill bosses to gain the teleporter keys!
  • Enhanced Run Stats: Track your progress with best, last, and average stats tracking.

­čĹżPolish and User Interface Improvements­čĹż
  • World-space Controls Update: Improved the display of left and right controls text for better clarity.
  • Limited Computer Interaction Angles: Was mighty confusing to try to use the in-game computer at extreme angles!

­čÄ»Balance and Gameplay Adjustments­čÄ»
  • New Player Balance: Adjusted difficulty for new players, offering a smoother learning curve.
  • Mushba Anticipation: Increased anticipation time for Mushba’s attacks for better player response.
  • Player Speed Rarity: Increased the likelihood of speed augment drops, enhancing mobility and agility.

­čŤáBug Fixes­čŤá
  • Throwing Mechanics: Adjusted maximum throw power to prevent throwing through walls.
  • Keybind Text Updates: Fixed an issue where keybind texts weren’t updating upon changes.
  • Skeleton Animations: Resolved floating skeletons issue to ensure natural enemy movements.
  • Camera Polish: Finally fixed the forever-old looking up/down spin problem!

We’re Just Getting Started!

Stay tuned for more updates, tweaks, and thrilling additions. Your journey through Survival Trials is evolving – are you ready for the next level of action?

Remember to share your feedback, suggestions, and epic moments in our Discord community. Happy gaming!