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Test Lab Inc. » Story Time!

Hello everyone, we’re back on time with another update for Test Lab Inc., it brings some new cool stuff for you to play with, including a new ability, some new orbs and perks, and a new map with a new enemy type you can encounter. We also now have an story for the game, it should work properly even when loading your save file from the previous patch, but the story beats will progress a lot faster as you’ve already cleared some difficulty tiers.

New Feature: Dialogs

When entering the Hideout you’ll sometimes be greeted by your trusty companionship AI, it will tell you about the current state of the world and help you get situated to the Test Lab. In future update we would like to expand this more, adding more characters for you to interact with and get you more grounded into the world, but for now you’ll only have your AI to keep you less lonely.

New Ability: Firestorm

Let fire rain down from the skies and destroy enemies, this new ability will summon projectiles that deals area damage, allowing it to scale with both archetypes.

New Perk: Chill of Death

Ice damage abilities were in need of some love, this should help increasing your damage output, especially against bosses when using this type of damage.

New Perk: Elemental Bolsters

Some new generic Perks that increase your damage done by Fire, Ice and Lightning abilities respectively.

New Perk: Phase Runner

This will allow you to go even faster when you phase, allowing you to create even more distance from your enemies.

New Orb: Static

This orb will make your projectiles explode depending on how much it has traveled, scaling projectile speed and chain are great ways to make them go further.

New Map: Clock Tower

A brand new map, with a different set of enemies you can encounter including our brand new enemy.

New Enemy: Codename-Ball

This guy will coming rolling at you with full speed, then release a barrage of projectiles in an arc, hope you got quick feets to get out of the way.

That’s all for this update, we’re also working on localizing the game in PT-BR, but that didn’t quite make it for the patch and should come with the next patch along with a brand new boss encounter, which we’re once again aiming to ship in two weeks.