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Steredenn » Steredenn 2.6.0: Incoming Transmission


You were probably not expecting an update, but here it is! 🚀

  • Add Basque translation
  • Add a proper ending
  • Add an “easy” mode: It’s not going to be super easy, despite the name “Space Tour”, but it should allow more people to enjoy the game: more damages, more lives, slower bullets, more invincible time, slower bosses. Leaderboards are now split by difficulty. You can select the difficulty before starting a new solo or coop game. Arena and Daily runs will are locked in Normal. ALl unlocks and achievements are available in the easy mode.
  • New keyart/capsules


Red Baron
  • add middle shot to spread
  • up laser dmg
  • +1 HP

  • Drop medikit before a boss after level 4 (Normal mode)

  • Nerf bomber MK1 very, very slightly
  • Nerf Battleship (first pattern)

Bug fixes/technical stuffs
  • Use engine pixel perfect camera instead of a custom one (so we have a perfect ratio!)
  • Remove weird resolution tricks
  • Add discord link to menu
  • Update unity runtime and .NET version
  • Settings: allow fine tuning of camera shake value
  • Fix destroyer MK2 looping sound

Have fun with the game!

— Steredenn’s team.