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Steredenn » Steredenn 2.4.0: The Sixth Extinction

Guess we’re all wrong sometime?

We thought the last big patch would be the last, but alas, some bugs crippled the game performances during high-end loops.

We fixed most of the bugs — well, we hope —, and since we were at it, we added some nice little things as well. Better late than never.

However, I should mention that, to correct some of these bugs, we also had to re-balance the loops and some items.

This shall be the last. Thanks again!
Bye, wanderers.

  • Add screenshake setting.
  • The Red Baron starts the game with its own background (except if you let the full intro plays).
Bug fixes/technical stuffs
  • Improve performances in loops.
  • Improve performances of suicide bullets.
  • Rework the Stasisgun , Stasisbot, and Rocket Circus animation (the weird blue gel). This should fix most of the bugs that you encountered while using these weapons. And bonus: it’s prettier.
  • Fix a crash when a Lightsaber hit an Heavy Shielder.
  • Fix stacking blockers on Mothership.
  • Fix a bug with Bots’ ghosts being generated almost endlessly in specific conditions.
  • Fix Stars-less backgrounds.
  • Fix bugs with the Bulletstorm event.
  • Improve Hypergun. It deals way more damage against normal enemies. It’s a bit weaker against bosses.
  • Improve Ultrabeam. Faster, larger, more predictable.
  • Ancient Power doesn’t trigger suicide bullets in loops.
  • Tweak Battleship boss’ first pattern.
  • Reduce number of blockers in loop 3+.
  • Reset the SUPERCHABAL and Asteroworm counters at the beginning of a loop.
  • Spawn more events in loops.
  • Improve the generation of suicide bullets.
  • Improve the generation of blockers in loops.
  • Rework enemies’ bullets speed in loops.

— Steredenn’s team.