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Paper Planet » Steam’s SHMUP Fest is here!

A 15% DISCOUNT will be starting in 48 hours!

I wanted to post a quick announcement alongside Steam’s SHMUP Fest. Because of Steam’s required 30 day “cooldown” between Discounts, we actually could not run a discount that perfectly overlapped the SHMUP Fest. One that starts Wednesday morning is the soonest we could get away with.


The last few weeks have been tough. Alongside 1000’s of other indie developers, the news with Unity’s changing policies was a major blindside. Paper Planet is a Unity game. And while the eventual compromises to those policies are much more forgiving, it was a major blow to moral and productivity. A lot of trust in Unity as an indie-friendly engine has completely evaporated…

And while we’re still excited about the future of Paper Planet, and have plenty of ideas for how it could be expanded next (including adding the Boss Dialogue system back in – sorry for the wait!!) it may take a bit of time to assess how/when/where exactly that effort will be spent.

Sorry there’s not more to share at this time.
I hope you all can understand what a low blow this was, and how crushing it felt to spend 5 years on a game, only to have it’s future cast into a dark cloud of uncertainty a few weeks after release…



In the meantime, these 3 games from 2 Left Thumbs are also all taking part in the SHMUP Fest – each of which have big, robust demos that you could put dozens of hours into!

Schism is a challenging roguelite action RPG with guns, gods, leveling, and frequency-switching action. The combination of deep leveling and stat systems, full gun customization, deity worship, intense bullet hell combat, and difficult bosses make for a unique and highly replayable experience.

Picayune Dreams is a roguelike blend of bullet heaven horde survival, and bullet hell gameplay. Craft ridiculous and overpowered builds. Adrift across the endless void, you must fend off thousands of nightmarish and otherwordly creatures.

Cornered with nowhere else to turn, can you escape the monster-filled mansion? Dead Estate is a gory, fast-paced, challenging rogue-like shooter with a heavy emphasis on horror.