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Nanokings » Steampunk Viking Dystopia: Nanokings Dev Log – Alpha 3 Update


  • Health numbers not increasing.
  • Boss Zulak – Programming & Attributes.
  • Boss is broken – when it spawns, it stays at -90 degrees and is invisible.
  • Player stats sometimes go net negative value when they expire.
  • Retry doesn’t work when you die.
  • Sprint getting stuck in the end – not slowing down and keeping the speed, animation also not working correctly.
  • Fix colliders on environmental assets so nothing gets stuck or goes through them.


  • Can’t click weapon if not highlighted in first weapons of choice.
  • Fix the split where resume and quit is in the “Esc” in-game menu.
  • Moonwalks after the first death.


  • Adjusting Mob Stats and Player Experience Gain (Revised).
  • Weapon 11 – Bow – Bleeding.
  • Make sure crossbow bleeds.
  • Pick up 11 – Stone runic chestplate.
  • Pick up 10 – Hyper stone – Move +% faster for x amount of time.
  • First Weapon of Choice Menu Enhancements.
  • Health, Experience, and Cooldown Indicators (Center player indicator).
  • Gear implementation.
  • Player Indicator (Below the character).
  • Mega totem 1 & 2.
  • Úlfur – Sprint fix.
  • Better AI implementation, pathfinding.
  • Music Loop.
  • Double check with the shield for Úlfur if it works correctly.
  • Add new items into the breakable objects.
  • Run animation on sprint for Úlfur – way too slow.
  • Mobs should re-appear on the other side of the screen.
  • Breakable object indicator (Minimap).
  • Level up animation triggers after choosing a weapon from the level up menu.
  • Blood splatter sound pool and implementation.
  • Re-Implementation of EXP dust.
  • UI – Swap background in the main menu.
  • Death menu with info on run.
  • Gameplay UI – Item pickup.


  • Mushrooms.
  • Grass (Different grass colors and sizes).
  • Icon for Úlfur Characters.
  • Pick up 1 – Health regen booster – +% health regen over x time – Animation.
  • Pick up 12 – Vial of rage – 20% more damage but take 20% more damage for x amount of time.
  • Fixing cooldown display.
  • Item 10 – Blood orb – +% more bleed dmg – Attributes (Programming).
  • Item 8 – Fire orb – +% more fire dmg – Attributes (Programming).
  • Item 7 – Poison orb – +% more poison dmg – Attributes (Programming).
  • UI – UI Fixes for the Start of the Game – First Weapon of Choice Menu, Related Elements, and Additional UI Components.
  • UI – Correct the axe sprites top/bottom.
  • UI – Round up numbers in the death screen.
  • UI – Make level up use all levels at once.
  • UI – Status effects staying throughout the death animations on mobs.


  • Create from the UI (You win screen).
  • Double stack of fire side by side.
  • On item re-pick up text notification.
  • Meat health pick up notification for the user.
  • Ability controls for the player.
  • VFX – Warrior – Shield.
  • VFX – Warrior – Sprint.
  • Hunter Group.

We’re excited to share the latest alpha update for Nanokings! This update focuses on addressing key issues and enhancing your gameplay experience. We’ve fixed bugs, implemented important hotfixes, and added notable features and enhancements. Your journey through the steampunk viking dystopia will now be smoother and more immersive. Join the next alpha test to explore these exciting improvements firsthand – Check us on Discord to keep up do date even better!