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Motordoom » Steam SHMUP Fest

Play Motördoom during the Steam SHMUP Fest

I’m happy to announce that Motördoom is part of the Steam SHMUP Fest!
You can play the newest iteration of the demo right now.
The game features a lot of new stuff. Some things are completely new since the last update and some were in there before but never properly introduced.
Here’s a list of all the new things in Motördoom:

New and improved “Old Factory” Stage

The first stage “Old Factory” was remade from the ground up.
I tried to make the first stage as beginner friendly as possible. It now features a bigger more open space, improved obstacles and longer rails so new players have enough time to do long grinds and get used to the trick system.

Meta Progression

Motördoom now features a Meta Progression System. There is now the ability to spend scrap on different Add-Ons.
Currently there are 3 slots on a bike to put in Add-Ons.

  • Front Add-Ons
  • Back Add-Ons
  • Motor Add-Ons

You can only equip one Add-On per slot so choose your load-out carefully.

New Enemy

I added a new dangerous enemy. Introducing “Acidus Daemonium”! These acid filled Demons will explode if they get close to you. Shoot them from a distance to hurt enemies surrounding it.

Card Rarity System

Cards now have a rarity applied to them. There are 3 rarities as of right now.

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary

With this system the cards can change their rarity after you pick them. So now it’s a bit more rare to get all the good items in a row.

Introduction of Gaps

Like in the THPS games from back in the day, doing tricks over gaps will award you with extra points. Motördoom now features gaps as well. I think it’s a fun way to hide little Easter Eggs and award players for doing stunts over certain obstacles. Can you find all the gaps?


As always with every change there needs to be done a lot of re-balancing. Since the game was too easy in terms of dying the health pool of all player characters has been reduced. This makes the runs more dangerous and through that way more exciting. Wins have to be earned especially on the harder difficulties. Is the game too hard? Try adding some Add-Ons to the bike to help you survive.

Updated Tutorial

The tutorial is finally updated with all the new moves you can do. You’ll learn how to wallrides and wallplants, learn about the overdrive system and how to kill monsters stylishly.
Also the tutorial now displays controller as well as keyboard keys. No more guessing which keys to press.