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Turf Wars: A Snail Escape » Steam Next Fest

Super excited to show the brand new demo and welcome everyone wanting to test out the game. The demo includes:

  • Tutorial
  • 2 first areas of the game
  • 4 difficulty settings
  • All items and upgrades
What is Turf Wars: A Snail Escape?

This is an action roguelike twin-stick shooter, where the focus is on movement and controlling the battleground using your slime abilities. Stay on your turf at all time while the slimy enemies try to cover you in enemy slime. The full game will include 5 areas with unique enemies, bosses and slime types and is aimed to launch in the second half of 2023.

Why this demo?

I want to hear from more people what they think so I can make it as good as possible. Write a message in the steam forum, or upload a video on youtube of you playing, I will read and watch it all. The main things I want to hear about is:

  • Did you enjoy the game?
  • Did you feel it was too easy or difficult, and in that case which areas felt unbalanced?
  • Did you encounter any nasty bugs (the other kind)?

Hope you will enjoy it, and thanks for checking out the game!