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Galactic Glitch: Infinity's Edge » Steam Next Fest Demo and Livestream #1

Galactic Glitch: Infinity’s Edge is part of Steam Next Fest this week! We’ve got a livestream lined up to show off what’s new in Galactic Glitch: Infinity’s Edge. And we’ve also got a new demo out, that will let players experience their first look into the world of Infinity’s Edge!

As most of you know, the highlights of the game are: Grabbing and throwing anything you can get your hands on: Missiles, mines, traps, and even the enemies themselves! Besides that you can grab and rip off parts of enemies (just watch out for the glitched enemies’ extra shielding!). The Corrupted now also have animations and visuals to make them look proper evil!

We’ll be hosting a Live-Stream of the demo on:

Tuesday, October 10th
10pm EDT / 22:00 EDT
7pm PDT / 19:00 PDT
4am CEST / 04:00 CEST