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Yet Another Zombie Survivors » Steam Award Nominations & New OST Sneak Peek!

Welcome, Survivor!

We’re happy to announce, that we’re taking part in this year’s Steam Autumn Sale!

You can get a copy of YAZS at a 20% discount and vote for us in this event!

Have you been enjoying your chill evenings in the Isolated City?
How about voting for us in the “Sit Back and Relax” category?

In other news, our work on Update 0.5 is progressing well. We still don’t have an exact timeframe for its release, but when it hits the public beta branch, it will certainly warm up the winter season 🔥❄️

In the meantime, we’ve got something awesome for you!

We’d like to give you a small preview of the upcoming YAZS Original Soundtrack!

The new music is composed by Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz & Michał Cielecki, who you might know from their work on the OST’s for titles such as The Witcher and Shadow Warrior 2.

Let us know what you think of this original composition and get ready for more bangers!

Thank you, see you next time ❤️

ㅤStay awesome,
ㅤㅤAwesome Games Studio