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Power Fantasy is still growing. I’m overwhelmed by all the positive feedback and the awesome community we are building. It’s now playable on the Steam Deck by the way!


  • You will now see some statistics when you die or survive
  • Perks and items are shown next to the statistics
  • Perks now have tags
  • You can now toggle a preview of perk upgrades
  • Implemented a perk priorization system for upgrades: When you pick a perk that has upgrades, the middle perk will always be one of those upgrades until every upgrade was shown once
  • Perk upgrades now have an alternate frame to stand out visually
  • Steam achievements will now trigger retrospectively if they didn’t before for some reason
  • The Steam achievements now also sync back to the ingame achievements
  • The auras Hotheaded and Arctic Presence now have a visual effect
  • Replaced the “Bosses killed” text in the UI with skulls, representing the bosses to spawn. They turn green when you kill a boss and red when the boss escapes
  • Added a volume slider to the Options
  • Added a knockback to close enemies when Misty is landing
  • Added a timer to Mistys broom
  • Added visual effects for Manual of Might and Tome of Mysteries
  • Added a visual effect to Arics shockwave on crit
  • Added 3 new perk upgrades to the Tome of Mysteries
  • Added 2 new perk upgrades to the Manual of Might
  • Added a little notification for successful evasion


  • Fixed controller support for the options
  • Fixed a bug with the cursor becoming invisible
  • Fixed a bug with the suffix Cyrophobia
  • Fixed a bug with the audio getting too loud after picking a perk
  • Fixed knockback on bosses (Manual of Might)


  • Increased the contrast of the cursor
  • Added a brighter outline to the heart containers for better visibility
  • Ember got a notable buff
  • Changed the minimum value of the random range suffix so it can’t be 0
  • Reduced the initial area for auras from 6 to 4 units
  • Reduced default burn damage from 5 to 3
  • Reduced default burn duration from 5 to 3
  • Reduced the default freeze duration from 2 to 1
  • Misty can’t deal damage while on her broom now
  • Hotheaded and Arctic Presence are now upgrades
  • High On Life: Reduced the crit multi while at full health from 100% to 50%
  • Blades of Justice now also scale with physical damage modifiers
  • Strong Opinion: Added 20% crit multi
  • More adjustments to spawn rates and some bosses