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Tiny Rogues » State of Tiny Rogues 0.2.0

Hello fellow Tiny Rogues,

it’s been a while since the last update.
I want to keep this post short and to the point and try to not make a bunch of excuses.

This update post is simply there to tell you:

Tiny Rogues 0.2.0 is still in development and thus a release at the end of May 2023 or even at the end of June 2023 is VERY unlikely.

  • I will release a trailer with an announcement date for the 0.2.0 expansion update when I can make
    more precise predictions about when the update is actually coming out.
  • The plan is still to release Tiny Rogues 1.0 in December 2023.

Stay up to date with development

If you are curious about teasers and so on, you can always check out the tiny rogues twitter. I post regularly there or retweet teasers from my personal developer account.
I post at least like 4 teasers every week!

Progress Update

Progress has been really great and I am having a lot of fun working on this massive update!
The scope is big so it’s going to take a while to develop all the new stuff.

The update will also require an extensive testing period of at least 2 weeks or more so that it releases in the best state possible!

I’ve been working on new floors and bosses and I am close to finishing up the first variations of 9 new alternate floors. I seek to challenge players in new and exciting ways, so I’ve been implementing new ways for enemies to attack you.

Developing these kind of new features slows down my content production speed but I think in the end we all will appreciate the variety of new features.


Tangent: To be completely honest, I am putting in surprisingly more effort into these bosses than I expected. I initially planned to just reshuffle and reuse my old systems but I’ve been just having so many new ideas for new kinds of attacks that I just have to implement them.

Thanks for reading and for being patient!

TLDR:Lazy indie devs *shake my head* classic abandon-ware omg why no update reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 😛