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HiveCorp » State of HiveCorp

Hello Mercenaries,

Me (Anjou) and Veldt would like to start off by apologizing for the delay in updates lately.

We are most certainly still working on HiveCorp although it has been a while since we added new content.

We are developing HiveCorp during our free time, which makes it harder to continuously update the game. And being just 2 developers while tackling all game related issues is a challenging task to say the least, so please be patient with us.

We are right now working on the last bits and pieces for an update that we are planning on releasing next week.

The patch will include the following:
  • The next Extermination map “Deserted” together with a new Ghost Agent for you all to fight.
  • A short delay has been added after leveling up. This will prevent players from accidentally choosing an unwanted upgrade.
  • Immortality shield no longer working at infinite range after completing the shielder quest.
  • Players will now start with 90% overload charge, and the overload will now also load much faster.
  • All around polish for sfx and vfx.
  • Fixes for sound concurrency issues.
  • Clarification on several Equipment tooltips.
  • A bunch of smaller performance improvements.

Up next

Next for HiveCorp is having all the Extermination maps released together with a final challenge map, which will be the end of the story for HiveCorp.

Alongside these content drops we will be actively fixing issues and trying to improve the overall feel of the game (balancing etc.).

Best of luck out there, mercenaries!

/Anjou & Veldt