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Survivor Mercs » Spook-vivor Mercs Halloween Special

Boo, Commanders, it’s spooky time!

For a bit over a week, Survivor Mercs catches the Halloween fever. Join us for a scary-good time in the game and on our Discord server to prepare for our launch of the first major Early Access update in the coming days!

We are currently working on the last bits of a completely new map, including a scary new boss, a new music track, a new enemy type, and lots of balancing and gameplay improvements. We’re also overhauling the maps to provide a progressive challenge, so get ready to mix up your favorite squad builds and try some new combinations to survive the onslaught!

To celebrate the spooky season, the Mercs converted your HQ into a Haunting Bunker and got scary masks for your Commanders. Take the horror to the battlefield and haunt the army hordes in the eerily-decorated maps.

This event marks the first one in a series seasonal celebrations. Starting with cosmetic content, we are going to introduce special challenges and game modes in the future. Join our community and let us know what you want to see for future events!

Of course, this update does not only come with a creepy theme but with some fixes & improvements:

  • Your control is no longer interrupted when capturing an objective or another animation timeline plays.
  • Added setting to confine your mouse cursor to the game window in Fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed the issue that you couldn’t unlock the Arctic Map if you had 0 BD.
  • Fixed some display errors with the loot extraction penalty.
  • Fixed an issue where Mercs didn’t deal damage correctly to enemies.
  • Changed Gym HP bonus in preparation for more upgrade levels with the coming Major Update #1.
  • Improved UI for the Components Detail tab in Operations menu.
  • Piercing stat for melee Mercs does work correctly in preparation for the upcoming Armor system update.
  • Fixed a potential issue with animation timelines not working properly since the last update.

We also worked on a bunch of additional fixes, improvements, balancing adjustments, and QoL features which will be released with the upcoming major update.

Lock, load, and loot, Commanders!

PS: if you’re a party boo-per, you can also turn off the seasonal content in the Settings menu 😉