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Spell Defender » Spells Update!

Hello all!

This new update contains 10 new spells, Endless checkbox for all levels and difficulties, Artifact drops and unlearn spell drops, and much more!

Patch notes!!!!!

  • Added 6 new actives and 4 new passives
  • balanced and optimized many other spells and level 10 upgrades
  • Leveling a spell from 9-10 now has custom text that explains the level 10 upgrade.
New difficulty levels and endless toggle!
  • Added an enemy strenght slider. You can now make game harder or easier!
  • Added endless toggle option. can be used for all modes!
  • Added artifact drop which gives a strong buff but with a drawback!
  • Added reroll drop that lets you unlearn a spell and choose a new one!
Bugs and QOL!
  • Black goo now reduce all healing by 80% instead of 100%.
  • Meta Enhancement upgrades now go to level 7 instead of 5.

There is a big chance I have missed some changes since I do a lot of stuff and sometimes forget but lets just call those “hidden changes” 😀