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Spell Disk » Spell Disk 0.7.0c changes and fixes

  • Some disks had their default positional data changed. Usually, when the positional data of the disk trigger was ambiguous, the default position was set as player position. That has been changed to the floating disk location (wherever they are). Affected disks are : Time Disk. Item Holding Disk. Weapon Spell Mana Disk. Disk Cooling Disk. Health Disk. Peace Disk. Stamina Disk.
  • Disk Activation Disk will now seek the location where the disk was activated, rather than on player.
  • Disks will no longer clip through walls when being idle and circling around the player. They will instead slide across the wall surface as it tries to rotate around the player. This change was made so that spells that generate from the disks cannot start inside the walls, therefore despawning the cast spell instantly.
  • Fixed the dash stamina showing green color when the player was unable to dash due to the dash fatigue. The small bars below the players will now fill in proportion with the dash fatigue value in consideration, and will color accordingly.
  • The items will no longer hover over the weapon slot and accessory slot while holding an item. You are not able to drop any items on each of those slots, so navigating above those slots were removed, similar to how you cannot hover over other item types of holding item.